Have a Look on Top 7 Features of Energy Monitoring Software & Tools

The energy monitoring software is the tool that helps in monitoring the utility usage in real-time, and allows  for optimization. It helps in monitoring the consumption of utilities of any form online like energy, fluids, and gas. This system shows consumption per area like department, production lines, and manufacturing units and per production in terms of orders and items, which helps calculate the real production cost. Furthermore, the Power Guard is informing when the limits are close to breached.

What can the system guarantee you?

By installing this system, you can also detect potential breakdowns, leaks or anomalies and have enough information on how much utilities are being consumed during the non-production time.

After monitoring all these, you can come to a conclusion depending upon the real data and correlated production data. Some of the major benefits of using such software include lower utility usage, CO2 footprint awareness, precise forecasting on the utilities use and detecting the utility waste. Various companies provide energy monitoring systems or software for production,  and one such is ANT Solutions. In this article, you will know about the features that are included in the energy monitoring software.

Standard problems with costly utilities

Regardless of the type of factory activity, production poses the same challenges in terms of problems with costly utilities. These include:

  • no ideas for lowering the cost of energy consumption,
  • lack of information on the energy consumption of specific machines,
  • acceptance of energy consumption by machines or devices without a production effect (devices standby),
  • ignorance of media wastage phenomena; e.g. careless attitude towards potential leaks and losses,
  • no utility control: lack of planning in terms of, for example, energy and its use.

What does ANT Solutions guarantee?

The backbone of today’s industry is high-tech solutions that meet current demands and market changes. ANT provides this through its modular design, configurable software solutions and scalable platform.

  • Energy Monitoring for Departments and Processes

One of the major features of this energy monitoring system is that it helps to get a view of utility usage dividing for department or process. In this way, it is possible to calculate data and get information about utility usage per product. If your system wants to manage the energy consumption and monitor the balance, installing the energy monitoring system is mandatory.

  • Power Guard is Staying on Guard

Each factory has an established limit of power. What could happen if the limit will exceed? The higher prices for the bills mean more costs and makes production processes unprofitable – no one wants to pay that price. The Power Guard is a necessary function that helps control of the ordered power use and alarm when the limits are close to breached.

  • Monitoring the energy KPIs

Though the energy KPIs are unique for each organization, the Energy Monitoring System helps in offering all sorts of necessary data analysis for identifying the measures you need for reporting in the organization. In addition, this software helps in keeping all the utilities under control. It aims to have complete control over the energy usage and cost of the utilities in the business.

  • Identify The Energy Saving Opportunities

The energy management system can visualize the energy consumption to find out the inefficiencies. In addition, this software generally generates graphical data and reports that can further help determine where the inefficiencies lie and where the actions should be taken.

  • Energy Monitoring System Helps In Correct Reporting

When considering the KPIs of the business, you need to have the critical information of the business like the emissions, consumption, financial data and the verification of savings. The EMS is equipped so that it provides custom made reports to help you further save precious time.

  • Data Collection

In most cases, getting in hold of all the data from various locations can be daunting. In such situations, the energy management system becomes a flexible option in collecting that data and provides it through spreadsheets and building automated systems.

These are some of the major features of an Energy Monitoring System you can have in your business. In addition, the software from ANT Solutions comes with the energy performance dashboard that displays utility consumption with production data in real-time.