HAWKEN BETA Code Giveaway!

We are back with another giveaway for you, our readers! Our friends over at Mushkin have hooked us up with 25 BETA codes for the upcoming game HAWKEN. HAWKEN is an upcoming independent multiplayer mech combat game under development by Adhesive Games. The game focuses on creating an intense battle experience that captures the feel of piloting a mech while keeping the action fast-paced and strategic. If you haven’t seen screenshots or videos of the game we have them below. The giveaway is very simple and will run on Twitter.


To enter into the giveaway you have to do just a few simple things.

1. Follow ThinkComputers on Twitter:

2. Follow Mushkin on Twitter:

3. Fill out our entry form: http://bit.ly/VjIpT2

4. Tweet and “Share” this post!

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