Herman Miller and Logitech G Introduce Vantum, a Modern Gaming Chair Designed for Gamers From the Ground Up

Herman Miller, in partnership with Logitech G, unveiled today its newest performance gaming chair, Vantum, centered on versatility, adaptability and purposefully built for gamers from the ground up. Vantum stays true to the research-focused spirit of the powerful partnership between Herman Miller and Logitech G, providing gamers the correct level of support throughout the various modes of gameplay for increased comfort, concentration and endurance, whether in a position of play or pause.

“As a performance-driven brand, our ultimate ambition is to unlock every player’s potential through thoughtful solutions and research that solves problems, delivers results and enables meaningful change at every level of gaming,” says Jon Campbell, General Manager of Gaming at Herman Miller. “The Vantum Gaming Chair is our response to the community’s request for more from our partnership. It delivers the same promise of advanced ergonomics, unrivaled quality and desirability of the original Embody Gaming Chair – but now with more color options and a more accessible price point.”

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“Over the last 3 years, Logitech G and Herman Miller have partnered together with a shared vision of delivering high performance, ergonomic furniture solutions to gamers. We’re excited to move into the next stage of our evolution with this milestone launch,” says Aron Drayer, Head of Marketing Partnerships for Logitech G. “Together with Herman Miller, our shared passion and drive to give gamers the very best has continued to push our creativity and expertise forward and we couldn’t be more thrilled to present the gaming community with Vantum.”

At its core, the Vantum Gaming Chair supports the active-gaming-forward posture, a position proven to fuel focus and faster reaction times, two factors that play a crucial role when gaming. To achieve this, Vantum was designed to proactively place users in an active/upright position the moment they sit down, leveraging an adapted seat pad and PostureFit, which provides adjustable support to the lower back and reinforces the pelvis, preventing slouching and fatigue. To further assist gamers in ensuring they are in their proper position, numeric feedback is included on the tilt adjustments, allowing gamers to easily identify and recall their preferred settings.

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One of the noticeably new characteristics of Vantum’s design is the presence of a headrest. When not in an active gaming position, the adjustable headrest offers gamers maximum comfort by correctly supporting the area where the base of a player’s head meets their spine. This mechanic places little or no direct pressure to the neck, allowing players to kick back and relax with ease.

“One of the patterns our teams noted during our research is that gamers require versatility,” says Campbell. “A strong active posture is critical for gameplay, but having an equally supported, reclined position for moments of relaxation is key for modern gamers who not only play games but watch streams and movies, chat with friends, engage in virtual events or just need a moment to kick back after a stressful match.”

To further support the reclined position, Vantum is the first gaming chair that provides a thoracic support pad, which serves to properly support the upper back, neck and head when in a relaxed position. The headrest and thoracic support work together to ensure gamers can relieve pressure buildup and regain focus as needed, especially when playing for long stretches of time.

Whether a gamer is upright immersed in a tight match, leaning back in a moment of repose, or somewhere in between, Vantum’s flexible cushion and exclusive suspension material will deliver comfort and support by distributing pressure appropriately in response to any posture – helping promote balance and circulation. The seat upholstery is a 100% post-consumer recycled textile with high performance properties.

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In terms of the final look of the chair, the Vantum Gaming Chair went through many rounds of revisions and ideations to ensure a gamer’s needs were prioritized in both the aesthetics and appearance. “This project started with the challenge of deconstructing what the essence of a gaming chair truly is,” says Campbell. “How do you make a chair feel alive and active, not slow and sedentary? How do you visually communicate through color and emotion what the actual technology and architecture of the piece are intended to do?”

The end result is an expressive, bold chair that visually and physically cradles the user while layering the supportive, technical pieces within. Visually lightweight, fluid and sculptural, the Vantum Gaming Chair perfectly marries comfort, support and an athletic expression for the modern gamer. Gamers can further customize their chair by choosing from three brilliant colors: Polar, Flare and Obsidian.

The Vantum Gaming Chair is now available at the price of $995 USD. Just like the rest of the portfolio, Vantum has been rigorously tested and built to last, backed by a 12-year warranty. The chair is made with durable, sustainable materials, including diecast aluminium and glass-filled nylon. Vantum is available for purchase at Herman Miller retail locations as well as at hermanmiller.com/gaming.

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