Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub Review

Setup & Testing

Getting the USB hub setup is quite simple, just plug in the power and the mini USB cable to your computer and you are good to go. I decided to test the USB hub on my Dell XPS M1210 with the Seagate FreeAgent Go 320GB drive.

Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub

The thing that we are looking for is if the USB hub significantly slows down the speed of the drive. We used HD Tune to test the drive when connect with the USB hub, then directly connected to the laptop. Here are the results…

With the USB Hub


Without the USB Hub


As you can see both tests are quite similar there is no real difference in using the hub and having the drive directly connected to your computer.

Final Thoughts

There really is not that much that you can say about a USB hub. This USB hub however does have 7 ports, which is more than most. It also has a stand that allows you to position it vertically and it is well made. It performed great in our tests and did everything it was supposed to do. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Hiyatek 7 Port USB Hub a 10 out of 10 score!

rating10 10 small


– 7 USB ports
– Vertical stand
– Quality made


– None!


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