How Do You Powerlevel in Archeage Unchained?

The economic model in ArcheAge is unique, and several economic guides are floating around with varying information. Those guides are always helpful because I learn new things and enjoy them most of the time. But my game playing is a bit different.

Those other guides are built around two assumptions that I hold differently. I play antisocially in MMOs, despite enjoying them and being in guilds. Although I enjoy the community in the game, I’m a loner at heart. Usually, I play quietly by myself in-game.

I don’t play in extra hard zones all that much, so power leveling with my friends isn’t likely. If you are a similar player and struggle to power level in Archeage Unchained, do not worry because this guide will let you know how you can power level in Archeage Unchained.


My preference for the process does not mean that I’ll spend hours reading the flavor text and roleplaying the sidequests along the way to max level. Spam is a frequent method I use to get information about random events dotted around the digital world.

While they’re occasionally interesting, they are rarely as good as the main questline. Nevertheless, I don’t avoid mob-grinding exclusively to maximize my leveling in the shortest time.

My work schedule is more important than my preferences. Because of that, I can sometimes be around when everyone else is leveling, and I am constantly interrupted.

Often, I have to pop out of the game for a few minutes when I get a phone call. Some of those calls may take a while, and it’s unfair to shortchange everyone else. Due to this, I tend to level slowly and solo. That method worked pretty well in ArcheAge: Unchained.

However, if you do not like to Powerlevel slowly in the game, you can follow the below-given tips. Other than this, the Archeage Unchained gold can also help you level up. You can get the in-game gold in different ways.

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Powerlevel Tips in Archeage Unchained

Find out how to level effectively in ArcheAge: Unchained with our guide. Our goal is to provide you with information on how to level your character from level 1 to level 55. Let’s begin.

Level 1 to Level 30

In addition to your mount and glider quests, you should complete all green quests from levels 1 to 30. In this way, you will reach level 30 as quickly as possible and acquire your mount and glider, both crucial to the game.

Level 30 to 45

When you reach level 30, go to Ynystere. In Ynystere, you should have no problem completing the Yellow quests within half a day, and that should be sufficient to complete your storyline quest.

The world gate allows you to travel north from Ynystere to Halcyona. That is the quickest and easiest route. The PvP zone Halcyona has a lot of quests for levels 33 to 36.

The main storyline quest begins in Prison Camp. Halcyon suggests that you finish all Yellow quest lines except the Mirage Isle questline. Your map may not contain all the quests you’ve seen.

Some quests on the map are hidden to make the interface appear less cluttered. Make sure you do not miss any quests by visiting Options > Game Info. You will progress fairly quickly from one zone to the next when you change “Quest Details Map Display” to “Unlimited.”

Blue Salt Brotherhood Questline

Your map will display a new icon in Halcyona. An icon representing the questline Blue Salt Brotherhood is a blue crystal or salt. You will have new options for acquiring ArcheAge Unchained Gold for sale that you can sell on gaming marketplaces if you become a member of the Blue Salt Brotherhood.

In addition to farming on protected lands, getting scarecrow designs, donkey mounts, and much more, players can complete the questline. As you move through various game areas, it is vital to complete these quests to ensure you are always at the level required for each area.

Level 45 to 55

After you reach level 45, you will be given a teleport scroll and told you to need to travel to Diamond Shores. The teleportation point is Aegis Island, which is reached either by gliding or boat.

Head north to Aegis Island rather than south if you’re coming from the east side. So, by following this guide, you can reach from level 1 to level 55 quickly and easily.