How Does RTP Influence Your Casino Winnings?

Online casinos are gaining immense popularity among millions of players. With the advent of technological advancement of software and hardware, the convenience of playing online casino games increased manifolds. All casino players are acquainted with the term “RTP,” but many do not understand the term. But a clear perception of RTP is essential before you start your wagering journey. Once you comprehend it, you will find better odds in poker, slot, and other games.

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Understanding RTP

RTP stands for “Return to Player” associated with two percentage of return to a player after a considerable number of games. A video slot with 96% RTP implies a return of 96 cents for every dollar betted, or $96 for every $100 spent. Every reliable online casino such as online casino Malaysia exhibits RTP of every video slot offered to players. But it is important to realize RTP does not impact the result of progressive jackpots, as it is premeditated over millions of stimulated spins over a considerable time for each video slot machine. The figure of RTP provided by service providers is hypothetical based on statistics giving you an educated guess of wins.

If you know the house edge of a specific video slot, the RTP can be easily calculated. For instance, if the house edge is 8% of an explicit video slot, RTP stands at 92%. Playing a video slot with 98% RTP does not guarantee a win in the short term than against a video slot with 92% RTP, but the odds are better considering the long-term perspective.

Three categories

The video slot machines can be categorized into three segments;

  • High RTP at or above 98%.
  • Average RTP ranging from 94% to 97.99%.
  • Low RTP, which are below 93.99%.

In the apex category, you will find Mega Joker from NetEnt, and Ooh Aah Dracula from Barcrast, both with 99% RTP. Some fraudulent casino operators are motivated to alter the RTP to attract players. For this reason, gaming authorities prescribe transparent methods of calculating RTP and display it on their websites. The service providers ask the developer to set the RTP percentage to a specific threshold, but it cannot be altered once set. Slot games are the best instance of RTP as the range varies from 85 to 99%. A casino operator persuades players to slot machines with 85% RTP over 99% one. But gaming authorities ensure transparency. You may observe the same RTP at different casinos because they buy ready-to-game machines from developers with preset RTP percentages.

Some casinos tempt low RTP slot games with freebies like free spins and various bonuses. So it is always better to check the RTP before you bet with real money. The RTP is exhibited in the information segment of the game. Apart from RTP, check the variance that states the number of big wins against low wins. Lower variance games provide more wins but with trifle prize money. High variance is best situated if you take a big risk and big win. These are high volatility games that could result in prolonged losses before a substantial win.