Things You Should Know About Bad Websites

A website is one of the best tools to promote and market any business regardless of focus and size nowadays. Whether you are a small, or a mid-sized, or even a large business organization, you badly need a website to represent your brand on the web. Your brand identity will never become popular when you have a bad website. This is the reason why you need to look for a legit designer and developer of an engaging site. Hiring a website design agency is recommended for the purpose of attracting more potential customers (leads).

There are things that you have to know regarding bad websites. This is the main focus of this blog article. Why should you know them? Well, it is important that you understand the important principles on how you can have a great and converting website. Take note that your business success depends on how popular your brand is on the web. Online presence is important; that is why it is vital that your business website is greatly designed. In other words, you need to have a good website, rather than having a bad one. This is the main key towards the achievement of great success.

Your site has to rank on Google and other search engines. Your business is going to go to the next level when you have a professional web design. Hence, hiring a website firm is highly recommended. Of course, you cannot do the process alone. If you have an existing biz site but you just have little success, the assumption is that your site is not working favorably. You have to revisit the design itself and kindly task a legitimate designer to redesign your site. Otherwise, you cannot really achieve your goals and objectives in business.

What constitutes bad websites?

The answers to the question are given below. The answers are clear factors that your website will become bad.

1.     Content is poor and does not have the needed quality.


Content is king. What does it mean? This is the first aspect which must be prioritized for your business website to stand out from the rest of the competitors. When we say content is king, it means the users are looking for something valuable on your site. It is the content that should be prioritized because this is what people are looking for. Every time a web user searches on Google, he or she is actually looking for information and content which can help him or her solve existing issues or problems.

This is the essence of branding. Conveying good stories relevant to your brand should be embedded on the content of your site. So, it is necessary to really make sure that your site content is great and qualitative. Your content must have a unique value proposition. Such a proposition reflects the products or services under your brand. To make your offers credible, the testimonials and reviews about your products/services must be found and read on your site. So, it is crucial to prioritize content because it acts like a magnet on your website.

Attracting customers is essential for growth and success. But you cannot do it the right way when your content does not have relevance and quality. When your website content is poor, then it will lead your website to become poor as well. Of course, you want to avoid having a poorly designed website. This is so because it can be translated to a poor website performance. Most visitors will leave and reject your site because you have nothing valuable and important for them. Remember that website visitors are looking for quality and value. Hence, it is important to avoid having a poorly designed website in the context of having poor content pages.

Providing people with what they want is essential for the attainment of success. The information that people are looking for must be relevant to the solutions they want to have. For most website users, visiting a particular website has a common goal of getting valuable and essential content. To capture their interest is so crucial for the growth of your business. The question is: How can you capture their interest? The main strategy is to see to it that the content is relevant and quality. It is through this way where hitting growth and success is probable.

2.     There is no contact information on your website.

Your website needs contact information. It must be visible on every internal web page of your site. Why so? Because website visitors will look for a way to contact you. Putting your contact information, more particularly on the footer of your website, is a way to allow the website users to have a way to contact you when there are problems regarding website use. You should not hide any related details on how they can contact you. It is through this manner where your business will become legit. Legitimizing your business is one way to increase the number of people who will believe in your brand.

The users of your site are looking for solutions. They actually have issues and problems which you have to address as a brand entity. This is one of the main reasons why your site should have contact information. It means when your site does not have contact details, it will make the overall design ugly. An ugly website design can lead visitors to lose their interest in your offers. In this sense, you have to make sure that your site does have contact information.

The legitimacy of your site should be evident as what was discussed recently above. That said, it is essential to build the level of interest among the target customers. Through this way, your business can have a huge chance of winning the tight business competition. More people will be interested in your brand because they see that you are a legit solution provider. Keep in mind that your company must be considered as a solution provider for people who have problems. That is why putting in the contact details of your company on your site is dramatically important.

3.     Your site performance is too slow and uncompetitive.


The uncompetitiveness of your website performance is an obvious factor for your business website to become poor. What does it mean? Page loading is an essential component for success. When your site pages load too slow, it will lead your website to lose many visitors. Why is it so? Because people are impatient with page loading issues. Whether it is caused by the server or by bugs and any technical problems, the users of your site will not mind it. What is important is for your website to load so quickly. This is the most significant aspect for them. Why? Because they want nothing but a great user experience.

The absence of a great user experience can compromise your business goals and objectives. That said, you have to make sure that your website loading capacity is awesome. At least, every internal web page will open in a span of 5 seconds or so. Otherwise, the users will leave your website to look for a new source of content and information. Therefore, it is important to assess the causes and factors why your website is loading too slow. There can be considerable factors you have to know and avoid.

When your site does have a lot of images, too many large (uncompressed) files, unnecessary web codes, and excessive JavaScript and CSS, it will lead to a poor website design. It will directly affect the performance of your website when it comes to loading the browsed and open web pages. So, it is advised by website experts that you observe the right principles concerning boosted website performance. Your website has to load faster than ever, or else, your business website will be compromised. To avoid a sudden drop of conversion rates, it is truly necessary to avoid having a website that performs too slowly.

You need to have a competitive website. What does it mean by a competitive website? It just simply means a website that can perform better than others. Remember that in your chosen business category, there are a lot of competitors or websites that are under the niche that you have chosen online. For example, if you are selling certain products under the category of Health and Wellness, then you can expect a number of websites operating online under this category. The implication is quite simple. It is necessary that your site performs faster than your competitors. Kindly follow the rules on how to boost website performance.

4.     There is no clear visual hierarchy on your website.

Visual hierarchy is very important for success. What does it mean? It simply means the elements of your website’s content pages should be organized properly. Lack of elemental organization can lead your site to lose many potential customers. Most web users will check the organization of your website content. Of course, when the content is well organized, it will lead your site to have a clear path. The bottom line is you can attract more leads (website users) when your site is having an organized content structure and information architecture.

As much as possible, do not push your website users away from your site. This can be avoided when your website content structure is set up well. By simply organizing your website content structure and visual elements, you are, in one way or another, providing the best website to the users. Remember that your business site should serve as a provider of effective solutions. Can it be achieved? Well, yes, but only when you have a clear hierarchy of visual content and all other elements. Anything visual on your site must be organized in a way that your site becomes attractive to all users.

Further to say, your site should have an easy-to-find search box. It will surely help the potential customers have what they are looking for. Your website has to stand as a provider of what people are looking for. That said, help your site become clear when it comes to presented visuals and any other elements of content. It is through this process where you can elevate your chance of beating your business competitors. For sure, your competitors are doing everything to make sure that their offers can easily be found on their site. This is the reason why the content elements and all visuals should be organized properly.

The kind of content that your website must have should reflect what the users are looking for. Why is it so? Well, your site is an extension of your brand. The implication is that your site has to impress the target users (potential market). The absence of clear content organization can lead your business to nothingness. It is quite simple to understand. You need a clear organization of the content elements of your website because this is how you can attract more leads. Garnering more visitors to come, visit, and use your site is the ultimate key for growth and success.

5.     There is no call-to-action on your business website.

The call-to-action aspect should be evident on your website. Everyone who may visit your site should be given an idea about what you are offering. This is where the call-to-action texts will play their role for your website success. Pushing your business to dramatic growth is not that easy. It is vital to include user-friendly approaches. That said, it is recommended to include calls-to-action. It is through this way where you can elevate your chance of going to the next level as a brand.

The absence of calls-to-action buttons can make your site ugly. Of course, you forget the most important attraction to all potential users. Calls-to-action serve as one of the key elements of every business website. Their absence can cause your website to lose its great tendency to attract as many visitors and users as possible. Using CTA is a great approach which can make your website really look great and amazing. It is a guide that instructs people what to do next to get valuable content.

You can offer things like a free ebook or a downloadable guide for the users of your site. There has to be freebies to add more value to your site. People want free items and this is where you can use call-to-action properly, effectively. Your audience should be happy and satisfied with the things you are able to provide. Take note that you cannot win the tight competition in business when you forget the users. They have to be pleased and happy. And let them know about the value of your site through a clear CTA.

Conclusion: Find the right website designer now!

The best thing you can do now to ensure business success is to look for the right website designer and developer. There can be a lot of options available today. Look for one who can deliver great results. The agency to be hired should have the tools and resources. At the same time, they need to employ the right workers who have relevant skill set and expertise. Boosting your business online is quite challenging and puzzling. This is not a walk in the park, to say the least.

The bottom line is, hiring the best web design agency is the ultimate step towards the attainment of your business goals. You want nothing but dramatic growth and success, right? It can happen but only when you have the best website to represent your business online. So, avoid the things that can make your website design a bad one.