How Has Technology Revolutionized Business Travel?: A Byte-Sized History

It’s no secret that technology has caused a massive upheaval in the business world. From automating hiring initiatives to empowering the remote-first company of the 2020s with video conferencing software, tech has had a finger in the professional pies of countless industries. But how exactly has technology impacted business travel specifically?

Take a look back at some of the most significant changes that have taken place in business travel over the years.

Managing home away from home

Business travel no longer has to cause one to get behind in their mail. Online PO boxes enable travelers to manage their business mail while on the road.

With an online PO box, there’s no more worrying about lurking porch pirates and high-priority business mail being left unattended in your mailbox. With mail management erased from your list of concerns, it’s time to take care of those pesky phone calls, the same calls with the potential to interrupt your business trip packed tightly with off-site meetings, conferences, and the like. Select online PO box providers like these will offer users call-forwarding services in addition to scanning, forwarding, and recycling services.

Once mail management is under control, it’s time to pivot to home security. If you identify as a frequent business traveler, you’ll want to keep your home off home invaders’ radar. Should you live in a high-risk area, alarm systems like the Ring doorbell will allow homeowners to monitor their homes while they are away, calming the nerves of even the most anxious travelers.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to make arrangements for any pets you plan to leave behind. If you have a furry companion, some automatic feeders will allow you to check on your pet sporadically and divvy out treats as needed.

Travel tech

Airlines have zeroed their efforts on making travel effortless. Travelers don’t have to keep track of paper boarding passes, as they are accessible on their phones now. For ultimate convenience, jet-setting business professionals can select their seats online. Additionally, many airlines are now offering in-flight wi-fi so that travelers can continue working while in the air.

Hotels are also getting into the tech game, with many now offering electronic room keys and apps visitors can use to order room service, request towels, and more. In the interest of stepping up their tech game, virtual concierges that provide travelers with information about the local area and recommendations for things to do have become a future-forward hotel staple.

Free wi-fi

Airlines, hotels, and most coffee shops offer free wi-fi, making it easy for business travelers to stay connected.

It has been a game-changer for business travel, as it means that people can get their work done anywhere and everywhere. Not to mention, travelers access the internet even when they are out of the country, which can be helpful when trying to stay connected with the home office.

Facilitating apps

Let’s talk about apps. Many apps make business travel easy, from apps that help with currency conversion to apps that provide information about specific airports. Booking rental cars and reserving hotel rooms are two travel-related tasks that have moved to mobile devices.

For those travelers hoping to strike a balance between work and play, there are mobile apps that will steer you in the direction of the city’s hottest tourist attractions and must-visit locations for live-like-the-locals visitors.

Getting around town

You have apps like Uber that will get you around town, Yelp to help you find the best restaurants, and Airbnb for finding a place to stay. Then there is UberEats which will bring you food from your favorite restaurants. With a well-rounded stack of mobile apps, there’s no reason to subject yourself to unnecessary travel stress.

Online streaming

Want to watch your favorite tv show? There’s Netflix, DisneyPlus, Hulu, or HBOMax that can be accessed on your cellphone or laptop.


Need directions to the nearest grocery store? Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze will help get you to your destination.

Wrapping up

Business travel has definitely changed over the years, and it’s all thanks to technology. With so many incredible advancements, business travelers can now manage their work and their travels with ease.

So, the next time you’re on a business trip, be sure to take advantage of all that technology has to offer.