How Has Technology Revolutionized The Game of Blackjack?

How did we ever survive without the internet? In a time when AI is completely changing the world, it can be easy to forget that the internet changed the world completely not all that long ago. It certainly flipped casino games, including blackjack, on its head, with wide-ranging play. But you needn’t scour the net to find that top sites for Australians to play online blackjack are well-equipped with the necessary technologies. Providers pull out all the stops to ensure they use all the cutting-edge software so players experience next-level gameplay when trying their hands at this game of strategy.

Let’s take a look at the technologies that changed the way that we play blackjack forever.

The autoshuffler

Shuffling cards is an amazing skill to have if you’re an expert shuffler, which many blackjack croupiers are. The artful way the cards are cut and shuffled, along with that oh-so-ASMR sound that comes with it, is truly a delight to behold. However, the introduction of the auto shuffler, a machine that shuffles cards for the dealer, changed the game forever. Now, you can no longer whinge that a dealer isn’t shuffling correctly. It’s hard to blame a machine where its sole purpose is to shuffle cards well.

Those watchful eyes (aka security cameras)

Before security cameras were installed in casinos, it was up to the staff to determine if someone couldn’t be let into a casino due to a ban or whether a player was trying to cheat at a table. Thanks to tech like security cameras and facial biometrics, casinos can easily spot the people who shouldn’t be there, as well as anyone up to dodgy behavior. While it might seem a little heavy-handed, it does help to keep land-based casinos safe for players.

Who needs a dealer? Or friends? Or players?

As soon as computer games started to be released we had our first casino table games available to play all by ourselves, any time we pleased, all from our own homes. Feeding a floppy disk into a machine and watching a game of blackjack boot up made eyes sparkle around the world. By playing on a personal computer, players were for the first time able to practice their gameplay any time they pleased.

Blackjack around the clock, around the world

And then came the internet. Once online gaming went global, online casino play swiftly started covering the world. Millionaires were made overnight. Nerdy uni students went from zero to hero by implementing gameplay that meant they were unlikely to lose. Technology tried to keep up, but in the wild west of online casino gaming in the early 00s, there were little tricks that tech-savvy players knew how to exploit. While those days are long gone and casinos are safe from hackers, the internet brought blackjack to the world in a way that it had never known before, and it continues to do so.

For those that can’t count cards

If you want to play dirty in blackjack, hey, there’s an app for that. While it might be past the bounds of human memory to count cards with an eight-deck game of blackjack, a card-counting app could do the heavy lifting for you. Yes, these apps exist. No, they aren’t guaranteed to get you where you need to be. If decks are continuously shuffled after each hand then you’re probably out of luck with this unreliable cheating technique.

Live dealer games streaming to your mobile

Imagine you took a time machine back to the 1600s; back to the very, very early days of blackjack, and you brought your phone with you. You whip it out at the game going on in the backroom of the bar you’ve come across and browse to your favorite Live Dealer blackjack game at your favorite online casino. Surprised your data plan still works, you thrust the device toward the dealer. With the sound all the way up, you make bets and the live dealer makes idle chit-chat. The real-life dealer’s color slowly drains from his face as he widens his eyes in shock, his mouth starting to gape. Gripping the table, he tilts backwards and slightly to the left, swaying. As if in slow motion, he tips over and goes down, crunch, to the floor, out cold from shock. It dawns on you that perhaps you shouldn’t have messed around with time travel.

What’s next?

So, what’s the next tech that’ll change the face of blackjack? If you’re feeling lucky you might take ChatGPT for a spin to try and dream up a new style of blackjack, in the style of something like Spanish 21, that might take the world by storm. Whatever comes next, we’ll be ready and waiting to play.