How is IT support important when working from home?

Unless you’re an IT specialist, it’s essential to have IT support when working from home. Similar to working physically in the office, your computer and other equipment can stop working correctly. Not only will it decrease your productivity, but it’s also going to increase stress levels.


When you work in a physical office, the technology is most likely already there waiting for you. Your desk is ready with top notch equipment, including a computer that you just have to turn on and a flat-screen monitor that’s appropriately placed for ergonomics. Even the cords and cables are neatly tucked away safely where you can’t trip over them.

While some will have no problem transforming an area into an office, many will struggle with all the cords, cables, software, and devices they have to navigate. The extra stress of just thinking about the process can place strain on your employee and reduce output. With IT support, your employees working from home don’t have to worry about completing these steps alone.

A professional will go to their living quarters and ensure everything is in place, so all you and your employees have to consider is your business.

Security Considerations

Working from home has always caused security concerns for companies. The surge in people around the world working from home through unsecure connections has increased the threat tri-fold. No matter the size of your business, it’s essential to have IT support to keep trade secrets, customer data, and employee information safe from hackers and unauthorized users.

Employees with Disabilities

Employees with disabilities may need additional help and adaptive technology to work from home. An IT service can make sure you’re meeting all workplace requirements set by regulatory agencies. These employees may need additional assistance setting up the workplace, and a technician can ensure it’s done correctly and safely for them.

For example, wires and cords are dangerous hazards for people that use aids to walk, such as a cane. The same goes for anyone that uses a wheelchair. An IT service can safeguard the areas and keep cords and wires out of general traffic areas.


After taking care of the setup, security considerations, and ensuring all equipment for employees with disabilities is complete, problems can still arise. With ongoing IT support, a technician can hop on a video call and walk the employee through the process. In many situations, the specialist can handle repairs by remotely accessing their computer. Most fixes can be complete within an hour, limiting the company’s downtime.

You may not think about it. But something as simple as password resets with tight security can become a problem. When you hire an IT support agency, you don’t have to worry about changing passwords or employees that can’t log into work.

Reduce your stress levels and your employees working from home with IT support services and consultancy. Innovated IT can help keep your virtual office running smoothly, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.