How mobile app installs affect revenue from organics?

Mobile app installs are a tool that can bring you more organic users and hence more revenue. However, there are some important points to keep in mind not to waste your money. We want to highlight them for you in this article. So, let’s have a look at your possible strategy.

How to choose keywords for mobile app installs?

Selecting keywords is a must-do before you start your marketing campaign. There are some ways to deal with this task. You can do it yourself and write down all possible search requests. Try to walk in your customer’s shoes. What words and phrases they could enter in search to find your app? The thing is to get the core. It should be a word that is the most meaningful for your app. If it’s a dating app, the core could be singles or dating. For billing applications – invoice, billing; for racing games – car, race, drive, etc. The core will help you with your keyword cloud. Add some extra words to it to formulate search inquiries. You can enter them in the search field and use autosuggestions to get some more ideas. Another option is to analyze your competitors in the niche. Look through their titles and descriptions. If an app is at the top of search results, it has keywords in its texts. If your functionality is similar, you can use them for your campaign. By the way, if you need a platform providing installs, pay attention to You can get a free consultation and a -50% discount for your first order.

A common mistake is using the most popular keywords for app marketing. Keep in mind that this strategy doesn’t work. Keyword installs bring you visibility. With a top rank, you can get organic traffic. If your app won’t satisfy the organic users’ intentions, they won’t download it. That’s why you should select only relevant keywords for mobile app installs (URL).