How Mobile Gambling Grew In 2020

The days when mobile gambling meant putting up with awful graphics and primitive game concepts are long, long gone. Over recent years, it has become one of the fastest-growing trends in the iGaming industry. Major developers, such as Playtech, are investing in mobile gambling as much if not more than in regular online casino software.

The perks of gambling on a smartphone instead of opting for desktop games are multiple, but nothing beats the convenience of having your favorite online slots or roulette accessible wherever you are. What’s more, numerous mobile casino games are now available to gamblers regardless of what operating system they are using. If you’re not a newbie to online gambling, the odds are you are well aware that sooner rather than later, mobile casinos will replace their desktop counterparts completely.

It’s not the case yet, but new mobile gambling trends are introduced every year, and here’s a list of some of the major ones that shook the industry in 2019 and 2020.

How Has the Industry Grown?

The growth of the mobile gambling industry has lately surpassed even the highest hopes. In 2018, almost two hundred million people worldwide were regular online mobile casino users. It is a three-fold increase in a matter of several years. This year’s events, meaning the COVID-19 lockdown, added to mobile gambling’s momentum and got experts’ hopes up. The global online gambling market is expected to reach $92.9 billion in 2023, and mobile gambling is projected to remain its fastest-growing sector.

Cloud Gambling (Game Streaming)

Until recently, players had to download apps to gamble on their smartphones, but that’s no longer the case. Although cloud gambling has been in the market for a couple of years now, it did not gain momentum until 2019. Thanks to cloud gambling, players can access tons of content at a fast speed, and there’s no need to use all of their phones’ storage space. What’s more, using cloud gambling is way cheaper than buying games individually, which is especially relevant for the more expensive of them.

Live-Play Mobile Casinos

Live casinos are not exactly a novelty, but they used to be unavailable for those who preferred gambling on their smartphones. The appeal of this technology is obvious. You get to experience an actual casino room with a live dealer and take in the unique atmosphere that can only exist in a land-based casino. Besides, you have a live chat with the dealer, who can respond to any question you have or offer assistance in the game. Live-play mobile casinos came in handy during the quarantine, when crowds of entertainment-hungry gamblers used them to satisfy their land-based casino cravings.


Online casinos started accepting cryptocurrency several years ago. Many of them don’t even limit gamers to Bitcoin alone. Other, less well-known and more affordable currencies are also available now. This includes Etherium, Litecoin, and a dozen of other, more obscure options. All of them have their perks, so choose wisely. Until recently, most mobile casino providers shied away from this trend, but this changed in 2019-2020. The introduction of cryptocurrency to mobile gambling is a major advancement. It gives mobile gambling lovers a chance to enjoy the advantages of gambling with crypto, including safety, anonymity, and speed.

What’s So Good About Mobile Casinos, Anyway?


Sure, all online casinos care about regular updates both in terms of the game selection and features within the game. Still, they can’t compare to mobile iGaming, especially cloud gambling. Mobile casinos are on the rise like nothing else in the industry, so developers are doing everything they can to keep gamers entertained and hold their attention. Regular updates also mean fewer buffering issues, faster speed, and fewer bugs (if any at all).

User-Tailored Recommendations

If you have Netflix, you’re not foreign to how important recommendation algorithms are for ensuring a seamless user experience. Nothing is as frustrating and having no idea what to watch next. The same works for mobile online casinos, particularly if you’re using cloud gambling. The technology that would analyze your player statistics as well as Netflix’s does is yet to be perfected, but it’s on the way. Perhaps, by the end of 2020-2021, your online casino streaming services will know what exactly to offer you next based on what you have enjoyed so far.

Take It Wherever You Like

This one is a cliche, but true nonetheless. Online casinos can be superior to land-based ones because they give you an opportunity to gamble from the comfort of your home. In turn, mobile online casinos have the additional advantage of always being within arm’s reach. You no longer need to take your laptop on vacation with you or kill time spent in a line mindlessly scrolling through your feed. With mobile casinos, you have access to high-quality gambling wherever and whenever you want.