How Much Does It Cost to Make a Web Portal?

Everything in our environment, including the way companies operate, has been disrupted as a direct result of the proliferation of the internet. Today’s organizations, no matter where they are located, are fast embracing digital technology and going in that direction. These days, company owners are aware of the need and significance of having a website and the impact that one can have on their companies. And websites aren’t the only thing gaining popularity online these days; web portals are too. This is because web portals provide incredible advantages to any company that uses them.

Now, I’m sure that a good number of you are wondering just what web portal development cost is. Therefore, in today’s post on this blog, not only are we going to respond to all of the inquiries about the creation of online portals. In that case, without further ado, let’s get started:

What exactly are web portals?

Web portals are almost identical to traditional websites, except that their primary purpose is to provide users with specific information. They are distinct kinds of websites that cater to consumers seeking specific information associated with a particular subject area. For instance, there are employment portals where you may get information about a job vacancy at various firms. To access all of the material, you will need to register or log in to one of these portals and become a member of the respective organization.

Different kinds of web portals

In the same way that there are many various kinds of websites, there are also many different kinds of web portals, each of which is designed to serve a specific function for a particular group of people. Most companies decide to go the route of a bespoke web portal created to have a solution tailored specifically to their requirements. For businesses interested in digital transformation, having a web portal can be helpful because it directly conveys your message to the people who are genuinely interested in your services or products. Every type of portal is designed for different people and serves a different purpose.

Web portal types

Unlike websites, where everyone and everyone could visit your page and get the information that was there, this will not allow anybody to do either of those things. Therefore, web portals are broken up into four distinct groups according to the needs and purposes they serve.

  1. Customer portal
  2. Employee portal
  3. Partner portal
  4. Access to the member portal

First, let’s become familiar with the many kinds of online portals, which are as follows:

1. Customer-centric Portal

User-friendly portals that focus on the customer experience are those that compile all relevant information in a single location. It is for those companies who want to provide their customers with an easy-to-use gateway where they can access various services and goods, including customer assistance. Customers can carry out a variety of actions and operations by using these portals. Some examples include filing a complaint and providing feedback.

2. Employee-centric Portal

It is essential for businesses that want to move toward digitalization and incorporate new digital marketing trends into their operations to have a web portal that can bring workers together and speed the process. A customized web portal for employees is essential for large firms with a significant number of workers in the workforce. Employee portals are highly crucial for these kinds of businesses.

3. Partner Portal

When moving your company ahead, having a variety of partners who can assist you is far more critical than depending on your portal. Partner portals are most effective in healthcare and real estate, both of which fall into this category. Companies like this must have access to a web development solution that will assist them in expanding their user base and bringing their products and services to prospective customers.

4. Membership Portal

It is essential for businesses that offer services to their customers based on the type of subscription they have chosen to have a membership portal so that they can keep track of everyone and provide the type of services that have been subscribed to by your users.

The Price of Developing a Website Portal

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s speak about the price, which is probably the part of this article you’re most excited to read. As with websites, the price of developing various web portals is proportional to the layout and functionality you choose for them. It is not a simple process, and it takes a significant amount of time and effort to develop a web portal development in response to a particular need.

Therefore, the following are some of the aspects that affect the costs associated with developing such web development solutions for a company: Let’s go through each one of them in further depth:

Comprised of Various Functions and Components

The price of developing a bespoke web portal solution is proportional to the number of features and components you want to include. The less complicated the design and layout are, the less money you will spend on it. This is because any website designing business will need more time to produce a complicated design with an excessive number of parts, which will ultimately increase the cost of the portal.

Hiring Model

Whenever you think about having a web solution produced, this is one of the most crucial considerations you should consider. Because the cost to employ web developers varies from area to region, selecting developers from a location within your financial means should be your first concern when recruiting them. You may save money on your project by outsourcing it to an experienced web development firm instead of employing in-house developers. This will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

A Look at the Size and Experience of the Development Team

This is an obvious one since, in general, the cost of developing a web portal depends on the average custom software development hourly rate of the team working on it. Therefore, the cost will increase proportionately along with the time size. Additionally, the cost of recruiting a professional and experienced software developer could be higher than hiring one with less expertise. To get the most out of it, you need to consider all of the aspects, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each one, before making your decision. This is because hiring a novice developer may not be able to handle the intricacy of your project.

Prices Charged Per Hour by Programmers

When all of these different aspects are considered, the cost of establishing a web portal might range anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on the quality and functionality of the site. On the other hand, if you want to go for an exceptional design or have any other notion that is outside the box, this cost might end up being more significant than the projected cost.


Managing a significant number of workers or providing a wide variety of services may be challenging for large-scale businesses, which is why having a web portal development for your company is essential in today’s world. This is particularly true for businesses that operate on a vast scale. They not only make your business procedures easier to understand but also contribute to your company’s productivity growth.