How Sportsbooks use Technology to keep players state side

Although gambling has been in Pennsylvania for years, it only became legal in 2004. Moreover, it was in 2017 that online casinos and sports betting came into existence in this region.

And with the legalization came a set of stringent rules and regulations for these platforms to follow. One such rule is the gambling within the state borders.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) has made it clear that the players must be physically present within the state to access and gamble at the state-licensed casinos and sports betting sites. These licensed online platforms are legal, allowing punters to trust them to gamble upon.

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Players’ Residency Aspect

While the PGCB has laid down the rules for punters to be physically present in Pennsylvania to access the online sports betting sites there, it doesn’t mean that they have to be a resident of this area. Yes, you read that right!

The Board only requires you to be within the state borders. Even if you’re a resident of any other region or country, you’re welcome to gamble here online. However, make sure to travel to Pennsylvania first!

Accessibility from Other Regions

The Pennsylvanian Government requires players to turn their geolocation positioning ON for them to track the gamblers’ position. This information will be clearly mentioned in the online sports booking sites’ terms and conditions. Players can check there to verify the details.

Moreover, if you do not want to share your location with the casinos, you cannot access the online platform to gamble. This way, the Board ensures that only the players present within the state borders be able to access their online sportsbook sites.

Also, when you share your location with the casino, it ascertains whether you are inside the state borders or not. For the punters trying to use the Pennsylvania-based online casinos, the geolocation feature helps to block them out.

This is precisely the way the technology is equipped to keep players betting within the state borders.

VPN-based Entry

Many players try to access different online platforms through VPN. Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) allows you to access some of the Pennsylvanian online sports booking sites conveniently.

However, it also depends on the VPN used, speed of the internet and online casino site, if you can actually gamble there. Some sportsbook sites come with more secure networks that identify and rule out the VPNs as well. Hence, you will be prevented from accessing these sites.

Hosting Other Casinos

Any online casino which does not come licensed by PGCB cannot host their sites in Pennsylvania. The owners of these online platforms are not allowed to even advertise their casinos here or offer any kind of bonuses.

Overall, technology does play an important role in taking forward the online gambling. Also, the online sportsbook sites are trying to offer their platform not just securely but legally as well.