How Technology Can Improve Your Team in 2020

When you’re considering how to better organize your working team, you always have plenty of avenues to think about. You can consider team building and solidarity through activities together or honest one-to-one conversations to make sure your team members are happy in their roles. Or, you can add a layer of technology to facilitate better team dynamics in your company. This article focuses on that latter option, showing you how technology can help improve your team and inspire better work from all of your staff members in 2020.


Overall, team work on and from documents, are compiled to note down information and then share this with other team members. In the days before computers, these were meticulously written by hand and by typewriter, and much of the space in an office would be devoted to filing. But in the modern era, you can collaborate on documents through a centralized server or use the cloud to share your work.

This has huge implications, no more so for this period of pandemic lockdown in which many individuals are working from home. The ability to work as a team on documents supported on your web browser, accessed anywhere, means that your company is able to correspond with team members on important documents in an extra-efficient manner.


Just as documents enable your staff to get their heads together over a certain task or a certain routine, communications technologies enable your team to always be in contact with one another, which lends itself to getting the job done that bit quicker. Your staff need to always bounce ideas of one another if they’re to grow and develop on the job — and communications technologies facilitate just that.

When you’re looking for features to enjoy in your communications technologies, you should check out the different business providers available in 2020. For example, ringcentral features enable video chats, conferencing, text chat and automated, routed responses, which dramatically reduces the time your team have to spend on administrative tasks and enables them to communicate in a wide variety of ways. Use these features to build better working habits in your team.


As a manager, you’re interested in the performance of your team. Your colleagues, especially when they’re working from home, could be working at full throttle, or they could be taking it easy from day to day. You want to be able to know who is putting in the most effort, so that you can reward those who are making sacrifices in order to push your business forward.

There are, thankfully, excellent new technologies based on data to help you understand the working habits of your team. These centralized systems will measure the productivity of your team, assessing their performance over a range of tasks. Not only will this ensure justice in rewards systems, but it will show you who is not pulling their weight, which will enable your timely intervention to get your staff working at the same level each and every day.

Use the above technologies to help your team shine throughout the year, making them more productive and industrious even in times of lockdown.