How the use of a menu QR code can help Restaurateurs continue their Restaurant Operations during the COVID-19 Outbreak?

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. And one of those changes causes many business activities to slow down thus, greatly affecting the economy.

One of the seriously affected industries this pandemic is the restaurant industry. Due to constant lockdowns, restaurants are constantly losing revenue. Which, resulting in many restaurants cutting down the number of staff or completely shutting down their operations.

The operating restaurants are also having trouble getting the same number of customers as before due to dining restrictions and therefore rely on food delivery and drive-thru. Overcome this challenge and increase your restaurant’s customers by using QR code technology.

What is the QR code technology and how does it work?

Quick response codes or QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can store high-density data. Unlike the traditional barcodes that can only present text and numbers, QR codes can display almost anything that is accessible to the internet, this includes websites, photos, and other files.

The website or file content that is embedded in the code can be accessed by scanning the QR codes using smartphones hence the information can be accessed by everyone. These QR codes can be displayed on all your marketing campaign both online and offline, hence exposing your QR codes to a wider audience.

How can you utilize QR codes in your restaurant business and increase your revenue?

QR codes are incredible technology that can be used in anything when used creatively. Incorporate QR codes on your restaurant business by creating QR codes for your restaurant menu. There are two ways in which you can use QR codes as a menu.

  • Contactless menu

The pandemic has caused people to develop a fear of interaction. They are also afraid of touching things that are touched by strangers. Thus, they might not be comfortable with touching menus. Create a contactless menu using QR codes.

Upload the photo of your menu on the QR code generator and generate your menu QR code. With a QR code menu, customers will no longer have to wait and receive menus from the server.

By just scanning the menu QR code they will be able to view your restaurant’s dishes. Display these menu QR codes on your restaurant tables and allow your customers to easily see and scan these QR codes.

  • Online menu QR code

Lockdowns have kept most people to be confined in their homes. And because only a few people can go out, businesses such as restaurants will also have very few customers. During those times, food delivery platforms have been a great help not only for those customers who want to order prepared food but for restaurants to keep on operating as well.

Food ordering and delivery platforms like Grubhub houses and display different menus from different restaurants, which allows customers to order food online. Once the food is ready, the food delivery service will then deliver the ordered food to the customer’s home.

If your restaurant participates in any food delivery platform, increase your customers by generating a QR code that redirects scanners to your online menu. With this QR code, customers will no longer have to search for your restaurant on the food ordering and delivery website, making it faster and easier for them to order.

Display these QR codes on your food packaging and social media and allow your customers and social media followers to easily order from your online menu by just scanning a QR code.


When a dire situation arises, people evolve to overcome the situation. This pandemic has seriously damaged the restaurant industry. Because of this, new and innovative strategies must be used by restaurant owners to not lose more revenue. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, we can do almost anything.

QR technology is now used as a marketing tool in different fields. Increase your customers by creating and displaying a menu QR code with the use of a QR code generator with logo in all your marketing campaigns.