How to Access and Change Steam Screenshot Folder Location?

Do you love to play video games? If yes, then you are quite familiar with steam. There are many reasons for which this is one of the most popular gaming platforms across the whole world.  If you are playing online games for a long time, then you know how important it is to take a screenshot during the time of playing in order to capture what is happening on their screen.

In any steam game, you need to click a hotkey in order to take a screenshot of the current game. Once you take this screenshot, then you can publish this screenshot in your steam profile. Along with this, you can also upload the picture on your social media forums. But, when you are taking screenshots, then sometimes it can be difficult for you to locate the images.  If you are facing any kind of problem like this, then you need to know that you have only two ways to solve this problem, such as you can access the photos via the screenshot manager in steam, and you can access them through the hard drive storage.

How to find screenshots from steam?

When you are willing to take a screenshot of a game, then you need to press the F12 key on your keyboard. Once you will do this, you can see the screenshot manager. This is the steam gaming platform’s feature, which is generally used in order to take screenshots. With the help of this tool, you can also manage the screenshots and share them without leaving the program.

After taking the screenshots, you can sort the images into folders for every game. You can easily get the photos from the steam screenshot folder.  It is already mentioned that you can also save the screenshots on your hard drive, and you can share the screenshots with the other members of the steam community. If you want to keep the images private, then you can also do this.

You can use your steam client in order to check all the screenshots taken in-game using the screenshot manager.  Firstly, you need to open your steam window, and then on the upper left, you will get the option to click on view and then you need to click on the screenshots.

If you are going to use the screenshot manager, then you can upload and delete pictures. You can keep your desired pictures, and you can share them with your steam family. You can also get the facility to access the screenshots directly through your hard drive by clicking the show button. You will also get the option to delete the specific screenshots permanently from your hard drive directly.

You can also access the steam screenshot folder manually, and it can be helpful when you don’t want to spend more time in order to launch steam. You need to keep one thing into your mind that the exact location of the folder varies depending on where you installed Steam. Generally, you can find it in your program files.

How to change the steam screenshot folder location?

If you are willing to change the steam screenshot folder location, then you need to follow some necessary steps.

  • You need to open the steam software and then click on the view tab, and then you have to click on the settings tab.
  • Once you will do this, then a new window will open and click on In-game.
  • Now, after completing this, you will see an option screenshot folder, and you have to click on the screenshot folder and select or create a new folder. In that new folder, you can save the screenshots, and you have to click on the save button, and finally, you have to click on OK.

Playing games on steam is always exciting and rewarding, and when you can keep screenshots, and then you can achieve milestones and victories. This is why you need to keep the screenshots, and you need to protect them from viruses and malware because it can corrupt your local folders.

About SteamID

If you don’t know about your steamID, then you need to access it by opening your steam client. You need to click on view and choose settings. You need to go to the interface, and you will find the URL address over there. After that, you need to check your steam profile and click view profile. The number at the end of the URL is your steamID, and you can use this to locate your saved pictures.

Final words

There is no doubt that gamers are very creative, and the steam screenshot facility will allow them to remember their art-filled gaming days, and by sharing this, they can achieve their gaming target, and they can cross the present level.

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