How to Build an Effective Mobile Customer Support System in 2019

In this day and age, customers are the king.  Not surprisingly, customers have become the central focus of all businesses, regardless of the business type and product.

Excellent customer service means happy customers. Nearly 81% of the customers give companies repeat business after good customer service.

Little wonder, mobile customer support service has become an emerging space rife with opportunity. However, the fact is: mobile developers are still to provide in-app customer support inside the app.

So, when facing issues with mobile, 52% of the users delete or forget the app, and about 11% leave the app to find help online.

Here are six ways to build an effective mobile app customer support system in 2019

#1. Add Social Media Media Icons Inside the App

Business who are still to use social media as a customer support tool are going to lose out a significant portion of their customers.  According to some reports, users who connect with companies using social media tend to spend more on their products and services than customers who don’t engage with companies.

As per ValueWalk studies, “63 percent of customers expect customer services via social media, and 35% of customers prefer it over other channels.”

So, adding social media icons inside the app is a sure-fire way to address customer concerns.

#2. Include Help Ticket Functionality in the app

Help Ticket is a widely used customer support method available today.  And by adding a Help Ticket system in your customer app, both customers and businesses stand to benefit. For instance, customers will be able to view the progress of their issues and solutions, and more importantly, witness first-hand, steps taken by customer care agents.

Plus, companies can leverage smart software for automatic analysis of the issues, predict problems beforehand, and also work on them to fix the item at a broader level.  For instance, if several users have generated tickets for a particular issue, then it should be fixed for the entire customer base. GoodFirms has come up with a curated list of some of the best help desk software companies to help you embed the ticketing system inside your app.

#3. Make Knowledgebase Searchable

Your online customer support team could find some relief if several things are covered in the FAQs section. And, if you think you can replace FAQs with knowledgebase then do that. In fact, 91% of the customers are comfortable using the knowledgebase. So, see if you could include knowledgebase articles inside your app, nothing like it. But, make it easily searchable. Also, add pre-defined canned responses provided by your customer support staff.

Encourage customers to make use of knowledgebase or FAQs before they generate a ticket or initiate a live chat.

#4. Provide Live Chat Support Inside the App

It goes without saying. Live Chat is a useful tool for customer support. Sure, it’s expensive, and small businesses may have to think twice before embedding the feature. But, the fact is, companies have been using it not just as a customer support tool, but for other services as well. And this has benefitted the businesses at large. Companies also can use Live Chat to initiate a chat rather than waiting for customers to start the chatting process.  By initiating a conversation, you could create a sense of care and, more importantly, help customers find products and services they are looking for. In other words, it could directly affect your sales revenue.

Customers should be able to connect with you without leaving your mobile app. One in five customers prefers online chat over other communication channels.  So, using an in-app tool like Live Chat will make the communication easier between you and the users. And the best part is that it is easy as sending an SMS. This way, users will be able to voice their grievances within the four corners of your app and not on any public platform like the App Store or Google Play store. Contact some of the best live chat software companies at GoodFirms.

#5. Address Issues with Similar Themes at One Go

Failing to address customer issues promptly could drive customers away. Nearly 55% of the consumers have admitted that the company’s inability to resolve their problems on time has driven them away. Enter mobile customer service softwares. These softwares are programmed to help you track common issues and quickly bulk reply to them.

#6. Implement an Automatic Follow-up System

Research proves that businesses that leave complaints unresolved might not get any repeat business. This is where automatic follow-up method helps.

The system helps you identify the oldest tickets on which you still need to take action. So you can apply a unique tag to these old tickets and send bulk messages asking users whether they still require help.

The unique tag will help you identify tickets that may have been forgotten and help you get in touch with them.

Wrap up

There is a dime a dozen ways to get started with mobile app customer support. No matter what, make sure your in-app tool facilitates all the above customer support initiatives. Use robust and advanced customer support platforms where businesses could monitor the app in real-time. Also, see if you could see-through and deal with problems even before users find those issues.

Author Bio: This is Jennifer Warren, a Content Consultant with GoodFirms, a review and research platform for eCommerce development companies, digital marketing companies among many others.