How To Buy Cheap Cartridges For Your HP Printer

Are you sick of buying ink for HP printers that costs the earth? Before you get rid of your machine and replace it with a cheaper brand why don’t you try and find a way to make the upkeep a bit cheaper. We have found a range of different methods that will help you save money on ink and we have taken the time to share them below so that you can start making huge savings right away! We hope that you stick with your printer and try one of our ideas instead!

Auctions Are Great

Lots of people are frightened of using online auctions to get the ink they need for their HP printer but this need not be the case! Many sellers have surplus ink stock or have accidentally purchased ink that is not right for them.

You can get online and start bidding in the hope that you can get your hands on ink at a much lower price. If you have the time and patience required to search and bid then an online marketplace may be the best thing that has ever happened to you!

Replacement Inks Do It All

Another great way to get that HP cartridge that you needed is through a third part ink seller that specialised in the inks of the brand of printer that you have. You simply go online and look for a company like Smart Ink, then read reviews about them and check that they are legitimate before you spend any money. Once you are satisfied that you have a good deal then it is time to purchase the ink and save a lot of money per cartridge.

With this type of ink, it is always wise to choose a seller that only specialises in one or two different printer brands and that does not sell any other products. This way you can be certain that their ink is high enough quality to make a living without having to branch out to other items.

Flip It On Its Head

If none of our other suggestions work for you then it could be time to flip your thinking on its head! Rather than spending your time trying to find the 950, 951 XL (5 pack) replacement ink (or any other ones), why don’t you try to stop using so much ink in the first place?

Mindful printing is where you stop to consider whether you really need that copy printed or if you can reduce the amount you are printing on one piece of paper. Doing this will not only reduce how much you are spending but it also has an environmental impact because you are no longer using so many resources to get the information you need. Next time you go to click print, ask yourself ‘do I really need that?’.

It is clear to see that there are many ways of saving your cash when it comes to ink; you have just got to be willing to put a little effort in first.