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How to choose app to keep your iOS system clean

Being a Mac owner is a great responsibility and happiness at the same time. How to keep it safe and capable for a long period of time? That’s not as difficult as it seems. If your Mac is getting slower and you don’t even know why utilization in the cache memory and main memory is up to 100 percent, it’s time to install some useful apps. Price, functionality, positive and negative reviews, safety and relevance must be taken into account.

Two of the most common Mac protecting apps are MacKeeper and CleanMyMac. Let’s figure out which one is more useful.

MacKeeper isn’t a new thing in the technology market. It was presented in 2010 and is still popular among many software users. But there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t install it nowadays. MacKeeper’s functions are very similar to CleanMyMac – it provides scanning for viruses, tools for removing junk, analysis of memory. The main difference is a change that both apps may cause your Mac. MacKeeper reputation is really weak because of its autonomy on your desk screen. Ease of use and invisibility aren’t strengths of this app. A lot of notifications, advertisements are really annoying. But it doesn’t matter if MacKeeper copes with the main problem – cluttering of your Mac. Based on feedback received from users, this app can delete even useful software on your Mac. MacKeeper integrates into the operating system and creates one more problem – that’s very difficult to remove it completely from your Mac. Traces of this app are found after deleting it and you need a cleaner again. Also, MacKeeper’s developers are positioning the app as universal. In reality, technical capacity of the app is insufficient to be antivirus, cleaner and Mac protector from stealing at the same time. Nevertheless, it’s not viral and partly fulfills its purpose. MacKeeper is available in 18 languages and surely it’s a big plus.

As an alternative, there is one more app – CleanMyMac. It was announced in 2009 and as a previous app has changed a few versions since then. Both apps are not official software. The main benefit of this app comparing with MacKeeper is a quality of development. You can download CleanMyMac on setapp and find a lot of positive feedback from users and developers. Its functionality is much more transparent: cleaning, sorting, proper uninstalling of junk apps. The price depends on the number of services, but the cheapest is 40 dollars. Your purchase will be once-only. MacKeeper’s cost is 6 dollar a month, subject to the 2 years subscription. In this case, CleanMyMac is more flattering. It is available in 11 languages.

Both apps somehow do their work and keep your Mac clean. But one should be more preferable, so let’s compare:

– Price. CleanMyMac is at least 20 dollars cheaper for a year than MacKeeper. MacKeeper offers wider functionality, but users’ reviews prove that it doesn’t correspond to reality.

– Safety. MacKeeper is worse thought-out and creates its own connections with other apps on your Mac. That’s secondary app and it shouldn’t build into your software. Problems with deleting it are very common. CleanMyMac is more accurate and doesn’t have such malfunctions. Both apps don’t steal your personal information and are completely safe for usage.

– Technical support. The refund of money is envisaged in both apps, sites and official representation are also available.

– Relevance. For now, CleanMyMac is faster updated than MacKeeper.

– Accessibility. Here MacKeeper wins – it’s more adapted worldwide.

Considering all of the facts mentioned, CleanMyMac is a better choice for the present time.

Bob Buskirk
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About 10 years of computer experience. Been messing around with electronics since I was 5, got into computers when I was in highschool, been modding them ever since then. Very interested in how things work and their design.
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