How to Double Your Clients With Instagram

The internet is filled with relevant content about how to get more customers on Instagram. It’s often directed for retailers and bloggers who sell products or make their money through affiliate connections. What the internet is lacking is information about how service-based businesses can grow their clientele on Instagram.

This one is for all the hairdressers, plumbers, interior designers, carpet cleaners, mechanics, graphic designers, freelance writers, and dozens of other business owners who want to get more out of their Instagram presence but aren’t quite sure where to begin. With the right tactics, you can double your clientele on Instagram. Here are some suggestions.

Grow Your Following

All Instagrammers, whether they sell something, or they just want to get famous have one thing in common: They must grow their following if they want to achieve their goals. Want more people to visit site? Grow your following. Want more likes on your posts? Grow your following. Want more clients? Grow your following.

This is the first stop on your journey to doubled clientele, and it starts with applying some simple, but profoundly effective strategies for increasing your following:

  • Create a schedule and post daily. The more consistent you are, the better your presence will be.
  • Put quality over quantity. It’s better to post twice a week with super content than to post daily with sub-par pieces.
  • Use hashtags to make your brand searchable.
  • Post to Stories regularly.
  • Consider buying ads to draw attention to your brand.

As you grow your following, you’ll naturally see an increase of organic attention that could turn into new clients.

Work on Your Bio

A great way to both grow your following and attract clients is to work on your bio. Don’t overlook this vital step! Many Instagrammers believe it’s okay to skip the work of creating an awesome bio as long as they have fabulous content.

But don’t forget that when your marketing efforts come to fruition, your interested clients will end up at your bio. It’s here that they’ll determine whether they want to click through to your website or look for services elsewhere.

A strong bio includes your business name, a relevant profile picture (preferably something that embodies your business), and a short bio. The bio should be simple with keywords that state exactly what you do.

You’ll also need a clickable link. To increase your clientele, you’ll want to send followers to a landing page where they can sign up for your services. This reduces the number of steps they must take to complete the purchase and increases the likelihood that they’ll carry it through.

Create a Professional and Cohesive Feed

When you’ve finished perfecting your bio, examine what’s in your feed if you want to drive business. Again, this is the last thing consumers will see before they decide to follow through and make a purchase. In a single glance, can you tell the subject of your industry and identify a pattern of professionalism?

A cohesive feed usually embodies a theme with each photo. Your images might include the same color scheme, unique camera angles, balanced subjects, or similar filters. Most importantly, it will be clear what services you provide based on what’s there.

If you don’t think it looks professional and put together, work on curating that content. You don’t have to use all original photos to do the job. You can also use stock photos, mockups, blog post graphics, quotes, re-grams, and more.

Put CTA’s in Your Captions

Service-based businesses are at somewhat of a disadvantage on Instagram compared to other platforms because it takes more work to get to your site. Therefore, strong captions that compel consumers to visit your profile is essential.

A good caption will give context to the photo with a little self-promotion. Sometimes, the promotion should be underplayed while other times it should be blatant. You might also share a personal story, ask a question, explain your process, or start a conversation relevant to your industry.

Most importantly, always include a call to action. A good CTA will encourage consumers who are already thinking about hiring you to take the final plunge, click through to your website, and sign up. Keep it simple, yet straightforward for best results.

Use Influencer Campaigns

Nothing screams “Hire me!” like a strong endorsement from a well-trusted influencer. Instagram is a hub for influencers who have at least 10,000 dedicated followers. These followers are loyal, and they trust the influencer to give them the best direction in regard to products and services.

You can always go the traditional route and find an influencer on an influencer network, hire them to say nice things about you, and collect a few rewards. But the best way to increase your clientele is to have the influencer try your services for free.

For example, you could decorate a prominent Instagrammer’s home for the holidays free of charge. Then, she can hop onto her profile and share how much she loves your work. Her exuberant endorsement will yield an incredible return!

Be an Expert 

Don’t pretend that you’re an expert. BE an expert. Instagram users love the platform because it connects them with real personalities that aren’t made of fluff. Therefore, they can spot a fake a mile away.

If you want to show potential clients that you can manage their case, be the expert they’re seeking. It starts with amazing content. You might share insightful tips and tricks on your Stories or post photos of your work daily.

It also helps to use social proof. Testimonials from satisfied customers indicate that you’re a capable professional who will do the job well. You should also encourage user-generated content, asking satisfied customers to share their experience on their Instagram page using a branded hashtag. When you can prove that you know your stuff and work well with others, the clients will come pouring in.

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