Is using an essay writing service legit

“Can Ipay someone to write my paper? How safe is it? Is it reliable?”

So, you are dwelling on the idea of hiring someone to write your paper but first want to make sure it won’t cause you trouble. Or at least that there will be less trouble than if you write it yourself. The short answer to the above question is that can be done. However, safety and reliability of the process vary and depend on your initial choice of the writer. Let’s extend on that a bit.

First of all, toss away the idea of using individual writers you may come across on the Internet. Most of the time, those are fake accounts created by some writing companies as a means to attract more customers. And even if you stumble across a real person, there’s no guarantee he or she may be qualified enough for your assignment, yet they may pretend to be due to the lack of orders. Everyone wants to be able to pay for their living, so people will try to persuade you they actually have written on the subject before. So, it’s safer to skip looking for individuals altogether.

That does not mean there are no professional academic writers you can trust. There are, but they will be working at writing companies. It’s a mutually beneficial business relationship. A writer gets a steady flow of work, and his writing skills and experience result in a higher rating for the company, earning it a trust from its customers and more orders. And you as a student benefit from it as well, since the company is able to set reasonable prices and have a team of experts suitable for pretty much any assignment customers want to be done.

So, the logical question is why don’t those individual writers come work for such a company? Firstly, some of them already are, as mentioned before. Secondly, when it comes to a legit essay writing service, those usually have pretty high standards for their writers. Not everyone can pass their rigorous tests and prove they are suitable candidates. Those who can help the company earn good reputation and provide great results for their customers.

How exactly do you identify a legit essay writing service? Indeed, there are a lot of scamming or simply incompetent companies offering help to students. Luckily, you can find enough reviews and customer feedback to help you establish that. If you struggle to find any, that’s already a red flag for you. And there are enough trustworthy writing services with reasonable prices you can choose from, so there’s no need to risk and try some website without any proper feedback, hoping that it’s just new. Most of the time, if you dig up a little, you may actually discover that it’s one of a dozen similar sites created by the same people, trying to maximize the number of naïve students they can lure in.

Another factor to consider is the guarantees provided on the site. If there are any, examine them closely. Many companies reveal their true nature when it comes to refunds and revisions. A decent company will have a clear revision policy and a money-back guarantee.

Finally, you can try contacting customer support and asking some questions. A legit essay writing service will make sure you get all the necessary replies in the shortest times, while at some suspicious websites, you may have to wait for hours, or the agents may not be able to reply to the simplest questions, often providing confusing and contradictory information.

Those are some of the simple rules you can adhere to when locating trustworthy writing services, which are certainly out there.

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