Shocking SEO Statistics You Never Knew About

SEO or search engine optimization has become quite important nowadays. This is because, the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and research has completely taken the internet to the next level. Therefore, from accessing data to monitoring the browsing behavior of a user, digital marketing has evolved manifold. However, over a couple of years, numerous case studies and researches were conducted, which gave birth to some outstanding marketing statistics. Several Shocking SEO Statistics will provide a glimpse of the future and what is there in store for the area of digital marketing.

SEO statistics that one must know about

There are numerous types of Shocking SEO Statistics out there that are accurate, biggest and the best in the area for the year 2020. To know more, check the information provided below. Given below is a whole list of statistics of each category.

General Statistics:

  • There are 74% of the business owners who prefer the reputation of an SEO service provider to be extremely important in the process. Along with that, the provider’s Google ranking and monthly cost were also considered to be an important factor.
  • Due to dissatisfaction with the business outcomes, 44% of the customers switch their current SEO service providers with a new one, out of which 34% of them leave the providers due to poor customer services. The rest of the 21% leave their services since they were pitched up by a competitor in the process.
  • About 84% of the marketing professionals have claimed to take the help of the specialist for their SEO Implementations in the process.
  • There is about 82% of the SEO customers who are looking forward to increasing their traffic for their business growth.
  • For the SEO strategy, 96% of the survey respondents have a claim of taking the help of the topic importance and keywords, and they play the part of the two deciding factors for the strategy as well.

Local SEO Statistics:

  • There have been around 82% of the businesses that have not claimed their Bing listings to stay on top of the peer, because of poor performance.
  • To learn about a new business, about 96% of the individuals take the help of the internet to do so, since the search rankings will provide them the requirements they are looking for.
  • With the help of the local search that can be done from any device, around 88% of the consumers will pay a visit or make a call within 24 hours.
  • With the help of the local SEO, 74% of the individuals will make sure to pay a visit towards a local business, which is five miles from their locations.
  • An offline purchase will take place since around 78% of the searches that are made by the consumers are location-based in the process.

With the list of Shocking SEO Statistics provided above, it will help you have a clear picture of the SEO statistics and what will be the outcome for 2020.

Final words!

The information provided in this article will allow individuals to have a clear understanding of the SEO statistics, which will help predict the outcome for the coming year and SEO’s performance as well.

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