How to download twitter videos using savetweetvid

Twitter is the most trending social media app used by millions of users globally, including many celebrities. It allows sharing our thoughts, opinions, including funny or thoughtful videos. Videos are a fantastic way to connect through people or spread valuable messages. Some people showcase their talents by uploading their videos in various art forms, and some give useful tips on healthy lifestyles or many more. These worth watching videos make us feel to save video twitter it to watch later. The best examples are culinary recipe videos or yoga videos that you might scroll up then, but would not be able to find it due to plenty of new updates coming on the news feed. People also like to share motivational videos on their WhatsApp status, which they saw on twitter, or it may be their video, which accidentally got deleted from their phone. These videos can be easily downloaded with the help of a savetweetvid downloader, a free online tool.

How does SaveTweetVid work

This downloader easily converts twitter videos into mp4 and GIF files. This allows you to download it for free from your laptop, phone, or tablet by copying the URL of the specified tweet and pasting it in the given text box. Further, the downloader extracts the video link from the tweet, and your video is saved from tweeting videos or audio of your respected device.

The best thing about this downloader is that it is super easy to use and requires no registration or charge. But you need to be a registered user by signing in with this downloader to take the process further. You don’t need an app to do, so; it can be done straight away from the browser or web. It is also available in multiple languages so that people can select the most suitable one for them. You may find various similar downloaders online, but they aren’t safe for your devices, so make sure to use this reliable one. Now you can download the videos from Twitter just like YouTube and Facebook in only a few clicks. Let us see the brief procedure to use Twitter downloader.

How to use Twitter Downloader?

  • To download your favorite video, which you can play anywhere anytime, follow the below-mentioned steps.
  • The first step is to choose the video you are willing to download while visiting your Twitter account.
  • Now copy the URL of the selected tweet about that specified video. To do so, you can copy the URL straight away from the address bar of the browser
  • img 1

  • You can also do it another way by clicking on three dots and further clicking on the “Copy link to the tweet.”
  • img 3

  • The next step is to visits the Save TweetVid page and pastes the URL in the given box. Make sure you don’t refresh or reload the page while these processes are going on.
  • img 2

  • Now click on the download button, which will show you the available format. Chose the form and proceeded to download the video.
  • img 4

  • You can find these files on the respected default folder you set in your device. If you are unaware of such a default file, you can choose the destination or file name where you want your twitter video to be saved after being downloaded by changing the settings manually.
  • In case you are unable to download the video, check whether you have copied the link of a still image by mistake, or the link might be protected with the associated account. In some cases, the link may be broken, faulty, or the video doesn’t exist. Many times this happens because of the privilege given to the owner of such page to protect their content from copyright infringement. In such cases, the owners don’t want the viewers to download the video without their permission as they invest lots of hard work.


The saveTweetVid downloader gives you many more options, like downloading twitter videos by extension. You can also download your favorite GIFs and convert videos into mp3. It provides an opportunity for downloading videos into high quality like mp4. One can also select options from normal or low video quality. It performs the task within 3 to 4 seconds by being the fastest online converter with the bitrates of up to 320 Kbit/s.