How to Edit Videos on Windows?

Videos have become an extremely effective marketing tool in recent years. Businesses like them because they can spread the message very easily and effectively. Consumers like videos too because they are engaging, entertaining. The message can be understood easily. Many also prefer to watch videos instead of reading a content-rich page. Marketers also feel videos enhance their Return on Investment.

The Wyzowl State of Video Marketing Survey has discovered that videos have become an important part of 92% of all marketers in 2020. This is a big leap from the 78% of 2015. 88% of all marketers have also reported that videos improve their ROI, as compared to the 33% of 2015. This shows videos are becoming very important in marketing and business promotions. This trend is likely to continue in the foreseeable future.

However, video productions must be perfect. Otherwise, the communication with the customer or the prospect won’t be effective. A glitch can actually be, counterproductive. For this, editing must be top-class. Here, we will discuss how to edit videos on Mac, Windows, and by using other third-party tools to make them really effective.

How to Edit Videos on Windows?

In Windows, there are various ways of editing videos. You will be able to include music, add many effects, and upload a home video to YouTube online for free or make a corporate media presentation. This is quite easy.

Editing Videos with Windows Photos App

Try the Windows Photos App for making new videos or for editing the existing ones.

  • First, browse your computer to locate the video file, right-click, select “Open With Photos App”. Your video file will open. It will start playing. Now, you must click “Edit & Create” tab, which is in the toolbar.
  • Several editing options will open. Go to “Trim” for cutting your video. Now, you must just drag the playback handles. This will highlight the video section you need to keep. Click on “Playback” to ensure that you aren’t trimming more than what’s required. Always preview. Hit the “Save a Copy” tab once done.
  • Slow the speed at any section of your video. For this, click on your “Add Slo-Mo” button. Frames can also be saved as images by clicking “Save Photos”. See the Next, Previous frames to locate the one desired.
  • You can include text and apply 3D effects. For this, make a new project. You can click on “Add 3D Effects” or “Create Video with Text”. Select “Video with Music”. Now decide on the picture, video that you want to add. You can bring many videos together by combining or edit just a single video. All that’s needed is dragging and dropping for working with different images or photos.
  • The Storyboarding section has all the editing tools. You will see them after adding the videos to the project. Add “Text” in different styles. Add animated text as well if you want.
  • Select camera motions from “Motion”. Apply 3D effects by selecting the right tool. The library contains many effects. Look at them all and add the one you want. Click “Music” and your video will be more interesting. Custom music can be included too.

You are almost done. Just export and it will be saved. It can be uploaded also to Microsoft’s Cloud with a Microsoft Account.

Editing with iMovie for Mac

Using a Mac? There is a free in-built video editor. iMovie video editor is very feature-rich as well.

  • Start by importing if the video isn’t on your computer already. Use your iSight camera on the Mac to create the video in case you don’t have one. It will be automatically added to your iMovie. Now, make a new “Event” by entering the project’s name.
  • Use the iMovie browser to edit. For this, drag the video to project browser. All editing tools are present there. Using this project browser is easier because you can playback videos easily while editing to ensure that everything is going smoothly.
  • In iMovie, there are many ways of editing video. Sections can be removed, you can crop by choosing the “Crop” tab, and may add many effects as well if you pick the “Effects” button. Always playback videos once the effects have been added. This helps you find out whether the edits are done correctly and whether it is playing just like you want.
  • Hit “Preview” once you are satisfied. Now click “Apply”. All effects are then included in the video.
  • Text, themes, transitions, and background music can all be included. There are several music options within your editing library.
  • You are now ready for video exporting. But before that, always playback for checking the edits made. Export only when you have done it all and are absolutely certain that everything is just like you want. Hit the “Export” tab once ready.

With iMovie, you can directly upload videos to Facebook, YouTube, and the other video file sharing websites. Other adjustments can be made as well like selecting a resolution, category, adding a description, or tagging the video.

Remember, video editing can be done well only if you have got the right hardware to support it. Read a review of this video card here.

Third-Party Video Editing Software

Other than what’s available for free, such as Photos App, Movie Maker, iMovie for Mac, there are several other third-party software products for video edits. They are usually paid services but are still popular because they offer certain features and advantages that are not there in free programs.

Here are some good third-party editing software products –

1. Lumen5 – You can turn your blog posts into social media promotions with this tool. Create flashy and fun promos easily.

2. Fastreel – Upload files to the Fastreel software and you will be able to delete the footage not needed, create a slideshow, and even change your video speed. Its interface is user-friendly and the navigation is also easy.

3. Nero Video – Many effects and tricks in this program. However, many users have complained that it suffers in speed.

4. Corel Video Studio – The first video editing program where you could carry out motion tracking. It offers 4k and VR support. However, like Nero, this program too suffers in speed.

5. Filmora – Offers an easy interface. It has many motion elements, overlays, filters, transitions. There is royalty-free music as well.

6. CyberLink Power Director – Many effects and editing options. It is quick unlike some others, but there is so much included that beginner editors can quickly get overwhelmed.

7. Pinnacle Studio – A premium product from Corel. You will get many advanced features in Pinnacle Studio like 4k support, 360-degree VR support, multi-cam, and motion tracking among others.

Video editing isn’t rocket science. You should be able to do it without too much trouble. But some practice is certainly needed before you can become an expert in this.

Author: Sarah Hagi