How to Get Your Brand Noticed in Austin

Austin is a weird and wonderful place—and it is no surprise it is one of the most popular cities in Texas.

With such a boom in new residents has also come a massive boom in new businesses wanting to launch their brand in Austin. But getting your brand noticed, especially in a competitive environment like Austin, takes planning a long-term strategy. But trust us, if you execute it properly, the rewards will be so worth it/.

Austin welcomes thousands of visitors every day, along with boasting millions of residents who proudly call this city home. As a brand, this is exciting as it offers multiple opportunities to get your brand noticed by your intended audience.

So where to start when it comes to getting your brand noticed in Austin? We have put together our collection of top tips to follow when coming up with your plan of attack!

  1. Traditional marketing works

While digital advertising is thriving, traditional marketing tactics are just as prevalent as ever. In fact, print advertising is one of the best ways to grow your brand presence. And luckily for you,

Austin billboards are placed in some of the best locations to support your efforts with this! Austin offers a range of tourist hot spots, sports arenas, college campuses, airports and highway systems that are lined with billboard locations for you to use. When it comes to showcasing your brand on billboards in this city, just remember that simple and a little bit weird is a perfect combination to ensure that it is engaging with your audience here.

  1. Utilize PR activations

One of the most important components of a brand strategy is your PR strategy. While traditionally viewed as a way to get into various media outlets, PR has evolved to sit at the top of a brand’s marketing funnel and be the foundation for all marketing activity. Austin offers a great place to try new and innovative PR activations, work with influencers and host big events to launch your brand. And with such a robust city, you can always hire a PR agency if your own team is too small to focus enough time on this component of your plan.

  1. Research your audience

One of the most important ways to get your brand noticed in Austin is to really understand your audience’s behavior, wants and needs. As a brand, if you can introduce yourself to them in a way to ticks the box for all three of these, you are much more likely to win loyal consumers who will also become your own brand advocates. So to start, get some research done to understand your demographics and other similar brands who are vying for their attention. Once you develop your unique selling point, be persistent and engage in your approach to interacting with them. And don’t give up—you’re not going to grow your audience in Austin in one day. It takes time and patience.

  1. Get social and be present

Austin is a city that has a very active social media presence. So to further support your traditional marketing tactics, make sure to also have a social media brand awareness plan as well. This can really be as simple as ensuring you have a company page set up that gives customers all the information they would need when researching your brand. And if you have the time and recourse, plan out a content calendar so that you can start to grow your brand engagement on social media platforms and start to tell your brand story.

  1. Stand for something the city believes in

Austin is a little weird and extremely proud. In order to connect with them and get them to support your brand, you will want to ensure that you stand for something that they believe in too. It will provide you with a relatability factor and a higher purpose, which if done right, will win you loyal customers. Whether it is standing for climate change or social change, pick your cause and ensure that it is supported by your brand story.

Getting your brand noticed in Austin is not as hard as you may think. Many other brands before you have found immense success in this city and you will too. All you have to do is plan out your brand strategy first. Make sure that this strategy includes a presence on billboards, social media, a greater cause and a PR plan. If you are able to execute all these during your brand campaign in Austin, you are bound to get noticed in the great city of Austin!