How To Install LED Strip Lights

If you’re looking to add aesthetics or subtlety to a room, Dimmable LED strip lights is a great choice. LED lights come with many benefits, such as flexibility in many forms.

Strip lights come in big rolls you can use to create almost any design. To install strip lights, you need little or no electrical experience. Once you’ve carefully planned where the light goes, you can follow the instructions on the manual to install.

Calculate the length of the strip light so it can get to a power source. Once your design is mapped out, expose the adhesive on its back and stick it on surfaces. Now you can plug in your LED strip and enjoy the view.

How To Install a LED light Strip

Measure the area Where you Plan on Hanging the LEDs

Using tape, you can measure the place where you plan on hanging the LED strip. Now you have the first specification before buying a led strip. With accurate measurement, you buy exactly what you need, and nothing goes to waste.

Tips when measuring

Plan out the design before you do anything else. You can try making a sketch of the area while taking note of the closest power outlet.

Check the led to see what type of voltage it requires

On the product label, you should be able to see how much voltage is needed to power the LED strip. In most cases, it’s either 12V or 24V. With the recommended Voltage supply, your LED bulbs maintain peak performance for a longer period. Otherwise, you’ll be starving your LED bulbs.

Voltage Tip

If you plan on using multiple strips, it’s best you wire them to the same power source.

Purchase A LED light strip

Now you know exactly what to go for. With a design sketch and measurement, you can quickly come to a conclusion on which LED strip light to buy. Your design sketch highlights the features you will need to find in your strip light.

Lepro is a major distributor of LED lights, and they have great offers on LED strip lights.

Prepare Installation Surface and install

Keeping the installation area free of dirt or debris is vital to keeping the strip light in position for a long time. It is advised that you install strip lights on smooth, even, and stable surfaces. Once you’ve prepared the surface, unroll the length of light you will be using and remove the adhesive backing.

Stick on the wall following your design while pressing down firmly, so it sticks nicely with no air bubbles.

In cases where the strip light isn’t long enough, more strips can be added.