How to Make an Online Marketplace

A range of companies is piloted online, including retail businesses that sell products to clients, service providers that sell services to clients, auctioneers that build a marketplace for products and services, and business-to-business commerce. Retail transactions are the major part of e-commerce. Customers can find workstations, vehicles, dress, books, music, airline and event tickets, food, and just about anything else for sale on the Internet.

Being a businessman you want to come up with an innovative and creative idea that caters not only the current requirements of business but to put add-on to online shopping industry. Objectivity of the app will be to help you to track customer needs, grab their needs customers and build customer relation on long terms basis for higher profit margins.

This Article focuses on the effective development of a mobile app that can give complete control over the leading shopping apps of the world Like Wish, eBay or Etsy. Wish is a famous online shopping app that is giving a unique experience to its customers. It is Very important to analyze the success and failure aspects of It can give the understanding edge to your app creation.

The app should allow a client to interact with the participation of merchants in case further detail is required before buying a certain article. The most effective strategies those are focused by web developers for maximum revenue generation is to have a wider range of product that should have an extensive product line and product depth. More comparative vendors would ultimately increase competition within one platform that ultimately will be beneficiary for the client.

Listed articles management is very important in a way like multiple vendors should list their price on one article rather every vendor should create the same article with a different price. It will help a customer to look all available vendors under one drill down list of article. Following are some important point those can be considered while developing a competitive shopping website and mobile app.

  1. Give the option to register customer with personal data ensuring complete security
  2. Complete information about merchants listed and the company information
  3. The platform should be facilitated with multi-app accessibility
  4. Taxation aspect to be taken care carefully. A customer should see price inclusive of all taxation if any to avoid complication in the buying process
  5. Customer privacy should be the top priority and his particulars should not be shared with anyone in any mean of communication.
  6. Reasonable commissioning will motivate vendors to reduce their prices to attract more clientele traffic to your shopping site/app
  7. Multiple payment options should be available for the client to pay for goods or services ordered through your app like Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Cash on Delivery/ PayPal and other mobile wallets whatever is possible to arrange for your site.
  8. The customer support services must be working 24/7.
  9. Real-time shipment tracking process would be an added advantage.
  10. Sponsored discounts while paying through certain bank cards and loyalty programs can multiply your users instead of adding on to your site.


If app developer can inbuilt all these features then rest assured you are going to compete for big names of the market like Wish, eBay or Etsy. E-Commerce is the future of this world and pioneer of this market will surely become market giant in coming years. Innovative ideas should always be welcomed to maintain and improve the site/app. Continuous development and improvement is an integral part of these sites and will always keep your site on top of all in the market.

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