How To Make Best Possible Use Of Old School Runescape Gold?

Gold in Old School RuneScape is the main currency and as such it is sought after by everyone. Having gold will make your life easier when skilling, PvMing, bossing etc. Basically, everything needs gold and most players are always gold hungry. If you are one of those players or someone who wishes to become an Old School RuneScape billionaire, this little guide is just the right thing for you!

Daily Runs

Daily runs are a quick and easy method to keep those shiny coins trickling to your bank account. Make sure you’re doing daily farm runs: with ultracompost you can make 150-250k gold a run, with each run taking around 6 minutes! Doing birdhouse runs is another easy way to earn extra gold.

When grinding combat XP in the Nightmare zone, you can still earn gold by using excess points to purchase herb boxes from Dom Onion’s Reward Shop. Single box costs around 10k gp, with 15 boxes per day being the limit, you can earn 150k per day without additional hassle!

Time is Money

Make sure to always keep track how much gold you make per hour. This will help you to find the best money making method for you and make calculations. However, you might want to choose a better skilling method over a money making method. For example, if you cut Teak logs you will not be earning anything, since when powerleveling you will be dropping them. But this will give you more XP than cutting Yew and selling it, which in the long term will make you more money. Skilling is quite hard in OSRS compared to other modern MMOS and thus high level items are in demand and expensive. Besides, the bonus XP you will get from cutting Teak will free up your time for other money making methods, like killing Gargoyles, Zulrah etc. Don’t have the time? In that case probemas gold will lend you a helping hand!

Be Efficient

This chapter relates to the previous one, however, there’s a twist. A thing that many people do is make an alternative account (alt for short). Alts can be used for many different things, the most popular being skilling or doing an AFK money making method/XP grind. When you’re doing something on your main character which does not require your undivided attention, make sure to log into a second account and use it too! Some people even go to Raids with their main and 4 of their alts to claim the most rewards available!

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Another very important thing is to focus on one thing. As mentioned before, the higher your skill is, the more money you can make. It’s better to have one skill leveled to 99, than have 5 at 60. Also, keep in mind how much time you are spending getting from A to B. You don’t want to be running around making no money. If you got to a good spot, spend there some time, don’t be doing one thing for 15 minutes, then another for 20, instead do one thing for an hour or so.

Tap into the Grand Exchange

Players can make a ton of gold by only flipping items on the GE. Even though you might not be a dedicated merchant, you should still keep an eye out for items someone might have put for lower than market price. It’s only a few clicks more after you come here to sell your loot from Zulrah anyway! Of course, making OSRS gold this way is not easy, because there’s a lot going on. Flipping can quickly get you bankrupt, so always know what an item is used for and why before you buy it for flipping. Start small, dream big! Additionally, you can use your alt for those sweet additional GE spots for buying/selling items.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Don’t bury your head in the sand! Be aware of the direction the game is heading to. Is there an upcoming update? Make sure you know all there is to know about it. Knowledge is power and in this case its OSRS gold. Buy items that will be needed in the future update and flip them for profit. Going to make use of the update yourself? Good, buy those items while they’re still cheap. Don’t lose out just because you didn’t spare a few minutes digging for information!

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