How to prevent identity theft from happening?

Identity theft seems like a problem that’s far from happening, but now that almost everything happens online, this is no longer true. For private individuals this means hackers find access into your accounts, meaning your bank account and other important services no longer can’t be used safely. But, for companies, identity theft can be a serious problem as well. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into this.

What is a company’s identity?

Before we tell you about how identity theft happens for companies, we’d like to zoom in on what a corporate identity exactly is. A lot of companies use this corporate identity to make more people aware of their brand. This can be done by making the right combination of colors, font, tone-of-voice and other ways of presenting yourself. A corporate identity is a great way to make sure your customers won’t forget about you: only seeing your colors already reminds them of you.

Corporate identity theft

Because only your corporate colors can already remind your customers of you, this combination of colors truly belongs to you. But, because it’s just a color, it’s quite easy to use this, even if these colors aren’t yours. With this, we mean that people use your corporate identity the wrong way, by making remarks about a certain topic, that you would not agree with yourself. But, because your colors are used, it looks like it is actually you. Even though your logo or name isn’t used, people will automatically form a more negative opinion towards you, which hurts your image.

Brand protection solutions

To make sure your corporate identity isn’t used the wrong way, there are various brand protection solutions. These solutions constantly scan the internet looking for things that are related to you. Once they’ve found something that could negatively affect you, you’ll be the first to know, meaning you can also take actions if needed.

If you choose for Onsist as your specialist for brand protection solutions, you’ll get your own personalized dashboard, regarding everything that’s important to know as far as your corporate identity goes. Of course, Onsist does more than just the protection of your brand, as they’ll do anything possible to make sure you’re safe online. Take a look at their website and find it out yourself!