How to Transfer USD to BTC Fast With Your Credit Card

Once cryptocurrency has become so widespread there appeared an increased need for reliable crypto exchange apps and programs. It wasn’t an instant thing but what we see today truly surprises and fascinates us – fast and legal services that need just a mobile device to conduct financial exchanges of any complexity level. Such contemporary apps for storing funds and exchanging currencies offer a lot of benefits starting from convenient ways of payment and ending with the highest security guards possible at this moment.

If it is what you need right now, let us kindly introduce to you the popular USD to Bitcoin converter that has received the license allowing to conduct financial operations serving as a currency converter of the new generation. This service is known as Switchere – the place where the journey from USD to BTC takes just a minute.

USD to BTC Converter That You’ve Been Dreaming Of: Main Benefits of Switchere

Via this platform, crypto exchanges are done instantly without having to wait in long queues. All types of crypto coins can be bought at the lowest rates with just a few finger taps or mouse clicks if you are using a desktop. Anyway, the platforms Switchere has got even more to make you love this place.

  1. Using any credit card to convert USD to BTC.

The reason why Switchere is an easy way to get your dollars exchanged to Bitcoin is the opportunity to use any comfortable way of payment. A debit card or prepaid will do as well as a Mastercard, Maestro, or Visa credit card. Within some 5 minutes, your orders will be processed and you will find the Bitcoins at whatever bank account or web wallet you are using.

  1. Extra protection.

Except for the advanced technology like using the WYSISYG algorithm to keep your data safe, Switchere is also known for making all the transactions protected with the 3d secure technology that is literally impossible to take in.

  1. No hidden fees while buying or selling.

The USD to BTC converter already offers the best rates to buy Bitcoins or Litecoins. No additional fee is required – all you will pay here is the sum mentioned in the ‘Price’. The smart algorithm finds the best rates so you can trust the platform.

  1. Multiple currencies to convert.

Switchere is also the easiest way to get any fiat currency converted to BTC, LTC, ETH, EST, XPR, or Dash. In fact, the starting point can be any local currency used in your country. As soon as you send the sum of money that equals the lowest rate of exchanging crypto coins, your dollar or euro is delivered to your account regardless of the currency you are buying.

  1. Cashback consisting of nearly 1%.

This feature makes Switchere especially attractive as you get double profit. Every purchase (or selling operation) on the website increases your level of cashback. The cashback is automatically paid to your reward balance but not in the form of crypto coins. You get it first as SWR points which you can later convert to dollars, euros, cryptocurrency, or any other supported currency. One SWR equals 1 euro and you decide how to spend it!

  1. Quick verification and onboarding.

While registration is compulsory for anyone wanting to purchase BTC in a fast and secure way, there appears your purchase limit. All you have to do later is to confirm your email and remember the password that will let you visit the site for online exchanges. If you are interested in the exact numbers indicating limitations, here is more accurate data: by verifying your ID, you get the right to convert 7,500 euro, or 8,500 USD each month.

Confirming your address increases the trustability of your account and lets you purchase crypto worth 15,000 euro each month. For those craving advanced exchanges or wanting to convert big sums through Switchere, it is recommended to verify the income. In this case, there are no limits at all.

With Switchere, you get the chance to exchange USD to BTC anonymously, legally, with fast transactions and choosing a comfy method of instant exchange. Give it a try and use its pluses to the fullest.