HP Unveils First Ever Leap Motion Technology Equipped Laptop

HP has finally released its newest laptop featuring the Leap Motion technology. After months of anticipation, the worldwide leader in computer manufacturing has revealed the HP Envy 17 Leap Motion (Special Edition). All the hype created with this newest release can be justified with understanding this Leap Motion technology which enables the users to control the computer with the hand movements in the air. Though the Leap Motion technology was available in the Leap Motion controller, it’s the first time the technology has ever been housed inside a laptop.

HP Envy 17 Leap Motion (Special Edition)

The Leap Motion controller discussed above is located with a little indentation on the wrist area of the laptop beneath the track pad. Even the hand gestures which are a few inches away from the laptop can be read and understood by it. Along with this mind blowing technological feature, the HP Envy 17 Special Edition comes equipped with the latest Intel core i7 Haswell processor and NVIDIA graphics. The laptop will have 8GB of RAM and a hard drive of 1 TB. Offering these exclusive features, the Envy 17 is expected to be available by the mid of October at a starting price of $1,049.99.

Source: HP | News Archive