HyperX Cloud MIX Headset Review

Setup & Usage
So if you want to use the HyperX Cloud MIX headset wirelessly you’ll need to make sure it is charged. Just plug in the charging cable to a USB charger or battery pack. The indication LED will light up red when charging and change to blue when the headset is fully charged.

Pairing the HyperX Cloud MIX with your device is quite simple. Do a long press on the power button (about 5 seconds) and this will turn on the headset and put it in pairing mode (blue and red flashing lights). Then on your device go into Bluetooth devices and you should see the HyperX Cloud MIX. Just select it and the pairing process will start. I had no problems at all pairing the headset with my iPhone X.

HyperX Cloud MIX

So there is a big difference between the audio quality when using the headset in Bluetooth mode and when it is directly connected to your device. When you are directly connected the headset is certified for HiRes Audio at frequencies from 10Hz to 40kHz, but in Bluetooth mode it is not.

But overall the headset sounds quite good and has a really heavy bass, which most gamers tend to prefer as it makes them feel like they are close to the action. I not only played a lot of games with the HyperX Cloud MIX, but also made it my headset that I use on the commute to the office. The headset has some very good clarity, I could hear footsteps of players around me in gamers and the little effects in certain songs.

When it comes to wireless mode Kingston claims 20 hours of battery life and in our testing we actually ended up getting 22 hours, which is quite impressive! Being Bluetooth you also get a range of 33 feet, which again this headset excelled at. I had my phone on the first floor and went all the way up to the third floor and my music was still playing!

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