HYTE Announces Its New Y70 Touch PC Case With 14.1″ Touchscreen

HYTE has unveiled its latest addition to the Y-Series cases, the Y70 Touch, which boasts a striking 14.1″ 1100 x 3840 capacitive touchscreen seamlessly integrated into the corner panel. Rob Teller, HYTE’s Product Director, expressed, “The dedicated touchscreen enhances your interaction with your physical device, providing a more enjoyable personal computing experience. Coupled with significant enhancements in cooling, storage, and design, the Y70 Touch embodies a contemporary aesthetic in PC cases.”


Integrated Touchscreen

The Y70 Touch, a larger iteration of HYTE’s popular Y60, elevates PC case interactivity and immersion to new heights. Equipped with a 10-point multi-touchscreen boasting 283 pixels per inch, it comes pre-installed, offering a remarkably sharp and seamless visual experience that keeps users engaged long after the building process is done. Customizing the Y70 Touch is a breeze thanks to HYTE Nexus Touch. Users can access a variety of engaging widgets for a personalized digital experience, allowing them to monitor system performance, interact with Twitch chat, play games, display their Google calendar, check the weather and time, jot down quick notes, and more, all conveniently from the corner of the Y70 Touch.


Cooling Capacity

The renowned ventilation pattern from the HYTE Y-series is carried forward in the Y70 Touch, now fine-tuned with reduced impedance to enhance airflow and cooling efficiency. This case supports the installation of a 360 mm radiator on the side and the adjustable top bracket. Additionally, you can comfortably mount an air cooler of up to 180 mm in the Y70 Touch. For even more enhanced airflow, users have the option to install up to three 120 mm fans in the case’s basement, ensuring a direct and efficient cooling stream to the graphics card (GPU).


Unified Modern Design

The Y70 Touch offers a choice of four color combinations: Snow White (white/white), white/black, red/black, and black. It includes a PCIe 4.0 riser cable with a canopy that matches the case’s color for a seamless visual appearance, allowing for vertical GPU mounting of up to a four-slot card, accommodating even the largest and most powerful GPUs. Additionally, seven half-height horizontal PCIe slots are available behind the GPU to support additional hardware.


The Y70 Touch features a dual-chamber interior layout, optimizing component visibility in the front and providing generous space in the rear for easy cable management. The top and side panels of the Y70 Touch are tool-less, making upgrades and maintenance a breeze and allowing users to create a hybrid, open-frame design by removing the glass panels. The case seamlessly integrates L-shaped molded rubber grommets around the motherboard tray, ensuring a cohesive look, while reusable Velcro straps, carefully placed routing channels, and tie-down points ensure that the rear of the case maintains the same aesthetic appeal as the front.

Pricing & Availability

The Y70 Touch can be acquired right away in the United States and Canada through HYTE.com, with a starting MSRP of $359.99 USD. It is anticipated to be globally available for purchase in December, and pricing may differ based on the region.