HYTE Eclipse HG10 Wireless Gaming Headset Review


Getting the Eclipse HG10 setup and ready to use is extremely easy. Make sure the headset is charged up and then plug the wireless receiver into an open USB port in your PC. From there it should automatically be recognized by Windows and you’ll see “HYTE Eclipse HG10” show up under your available audio devices. The headset and receiver have been factory paired, so you don’t need to manually pair them or anything like that. There is no software to install either, so this is basically plug and play!

Audio Quality

When it comes to sound quality I was quite surprised by what the Eclipse HG10 was able to do. Unlike many other gaming headsets the HG10 does not have any fancy things like THX Spatial Audio or Dolby Atmos. While this headset is not as clear and precise detecting enemies in games as those headsets I was able to accurately hear enemies coming towards me and tell where they were coming from in multiple games no issues. This headset also has a very thick bass, which really makes you feel things like explosions in your games.

Since we have that strong bass if you listen to any type of music with heavy bass it is going to sound pretty great. So rap and hip-hop sounds really good, but things like alternative and metal sound a bit flat. You’ll also experience this in games. The headset is going to sound great in first person shooters and allow you to easily hear explosions and footsteps, but if you are playing a game with a lot of dialog things will seem a bit flat.

Another thing I really did notice when using the HG10 was the actual sound isolation. Again no fancy active noise cancellation or anything like that, but wearing the headphones the fit around your ears and the vegan leather really isolate what you are listening to and drown out a lot of outside noise.

Microphone Quality

If you want to know what the microphone sounds like below you will find an audio sample as well as audio samples from many of the microphone’s gaming headsets we’ve tested in the past. This was recorded right into Adobe Audition and has not been edited.

HYTE Eclipse HG10

The microphone quality will definitely get you by in gaming and Discord, but it is definitely not the greatest. You can hear a lot of compression in the audio and I actually noticed quite a lot of noise in the recording. You are also going to want to make sure you don’t have the microphone too close to your mouth as the pickup pattern here is pretty intense. I actually had to re-record my audio sample as the audio was peaking quite a bit on my first recording. Some may blame the poor microphone audio quality on the headset being wireless, but the audio quality on the Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless was just fine. Again for in-game and some voice chat you should be alright, but I would get a dedicated microphone if you plan on doing any type of podcasting, livestreaming, or voice-overs.

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