ICY DOCK MB662US-2S External RAID Dual Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Final Thoughts
Once again ICY DOCK has another great product on their hands. They have specialized in hard drive enclosures for years so we shouldn’t expect anything less from them. The MB662US-2S is the perfect enclosure not only for people looking to do RAID, but also if you are just looking for a lot of storage space for an external enclosure. With the 2 drives you are able to have up to 4TB of storage space, which sure is a lot!

Now if you are into RAID this enclosure does support both RAID 0 and RAID 1 along with Safe33 and Safe50. The switches on the back make it really easy to switch between different RAID modes. The small fan on the back does give you some cooling power and is not that loud at all.

Having both eSATA and USB connections gives you the ability to choose which connection you want to use and gives you some versatility if you have using the device on 2 different systems. We really can’t get on ICY DOCK that much for not including an eSATA PCI bracket because most new cases have eSATA brackets on them.

The MB662US-2S can be found online at my favorite online retailer for $115, which is a little bit pricey as some other enclosures that offer the same RAID options and connections sell for around $70-80. Those other enclosures are not a sleek looking and do not offer tool-less installation. Overall ThinkComputers gives the ICY DOCK MB662US-2S External RAID Dual Hard Drive Enclosure a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Easy installation
– Up to 4TB storage!
– 6 different RAID configurations
– Both eSATA and USB connections

– A little pricey

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