ICY DOCK MB672 Internal 3.5-inch SAS / SATA HDD Enclosure Review

Hot-swappable hard drive bays have been around for quite a while now. Many people use them because they need to transfer large files between computers or they need to take hard drives with them from location to location. The thing that was a big pain when it came to hot-swappable devices is that you needed to have the same one installed on each system so that the trays would work on both systems. ICY DOCK who has been making devices like this for a long time has now eliminated the tray design so all you have to do is just slide your drive right in. Let’s take a look at one of their latest internal enclosures the MB672.

Special thanks to ICY DOCK for providing us with the MB672 Internal 3.5-inch SAS / SATA HDD Enclosure to review.

Product Features:
* Device holds single 3.5″ SATA I or II drive and fits any standard 5.25″ device bay.
* User friendly Tray-less design just plug in the hard drive and play.
* Removable Design & hot swap capability offers convenient solution for
–multi-drive exchangeability & maintenance.
* Stylish aluminum faceplate with heavy duty steel body construction
–provides superior heat dissipation.
* Safeguard key lock function keeps data secure within the enclosure.
* 40mm rear warm air outtake fan ensures an optimal cooling environment.
* Advanced drive monitoring system built internally w/ LCD visual & audio indicators.


Item Number: MB672SKGF-B
Host Interface 7 pin SATA
Drive Fit 1 x 3.5” SATA I / II
Drive Bay 1 x 5.25″
Transfer Rate up to 300 MB/sec
Insert & Extract connection Via 15 pin direct hard drive connection
Structure Steel body w/ partial aluminum & plastic face panel
Drive Cooling Metal heat dispersion w/ 1 x rear outtake fan
Alarm Indication Audio & Visual
LCD Indication Real-time drive temp., Drive activity/overheat/MASTER/SLAVE status, Fan working/failure status, Device usage time record
LCD Display Color Cool blue
Dimension (L x W x H) 7.48″ x 5.84″ x 1.70″
Weight 1.82 lbs

The MB672 comes in a typical retail package from ICY DOCK. On the front there is a picture of both the MB671 and 672. On the back of the package there is a list of specifications.

ICY DOCK MB672 Internal 3.5-inch SAS / SATA HDD Enclosure ICY DOCK MB672 Internal 3.5-inch SAS / SATA HDD Enclosure

Opening the box up inside we find the MB672 enclosure, mounting screws, a set of keys and the user’s manual.

ICY DOCK MB672 Internal 3.5-inch SAS / SATA HDD Enclosure

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