Monday, July 16, 2018

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ICY DOCK MB974SP-B Internal 4-bay Enclosure Review

Storage is something we can never have too much of, I myself have over 4TB of space and it is running out!  Most of my storage is external though, so it’s a pain to take with me to LAN parties or other events.  Most cases these days have room for 4-6 hard drives, but for some people that still is not enough.  How many optical drives do you have? I don’t even use them anymore so I have 4 open spots in my case for nothing really.  Well not nothing, ICY DOCK has a great device that will allow me to fit four more hard drives in three 5.25-inch drive bays.  The device is the MB974SP-B, let’s see if it is the perfect device for you to add more storage to your system.


ICY DOCK MB672 Internal 3.5-inch SAS / SATA HDD Enclosure Review

Hot-swappable hard drive bays have been around for quite a while now. Many people use them because they need to transfer large files between computers or they need to take hard drives with them from location to location. The thing that was a big pain when it came to hot-swappable devices is that you needed to have the same one installed on each system so that the trays would work on both systems. ICY DOCK who has been making devices like this for a long time has now eliminated the tray design so all you have to do is just slide your drive right in. Let’s take a look at one of their latest internal enclosures the MB672.

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