If Camera Quality Is Your Topmost Priority, Which Is the Right Phone for You?

Camera performance is the most important criterion when buying a smartphone for many. Performance, battery life, and price are a few other considerations that buyers make. For most others, the camera setup, especially the selfie camera, helps them make the purchase decision.

One of the reasons for this is the blogging trend. It has become extremely easy to start your video blog. Services like the ones at bigvu.tv help create videos that have automatic subtitles and captions generated. Animations, video shoots, and images are integrated into the blogs.

It makes even the most amateur bloggers’ videos look professional. And let’s not forget the Instagram reels and TikTok trends that are all the rage now. A great short format video isn’t possible unless you have a great phone camera.

So without further ado, here are the phones with the best cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip

The special feature of these phones is that you can use the main camera as a selfie camera. You can slide out the fold and use the top screen as a viewfinder. As for the flip, there is a small screen adjacent to the main camera.

It can be used for selfies when the device is not open. The issue with these phones is that they come in a completely new form factor, which can take some getting used to. Apart from that, these phones are also quite pricey. But, if high-quality cameras are your top priority, these points shouldn’t bother you.

The ZFold 3 has three 12 MP cameras, and the Flip has two. Both of them feature selfie cameras as well. You can use them for video calling, but it is best to use the primary cameras for taking selfies for social media. They are both powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset, which has up to 12 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of internal storage.

Apple iPhone 13 Series

The 13 series includes the 13 mini, 13, 13 pro, and the flagship 13 pro max. While the other phone components vary from model to model, the selfie camera is the same. The phones come with a 12 MP front-facing camera, an f2.2 aperture, and a 1/3.6-inch sensor. It also has a 3D depth sensor and a 4K recording capability. These phones also have some of the best selfie cameras around. They are also very well made and some of the most user-friendly.

Apple has been careful with the pricing as well. You can get the iPhone mini for only around $600. The A15 Bionic chip inside this phone is also the best performing mobile chipset on the market. Since Apple makes its operating system and chipset in-house, they have high energy efficiency. As for the rear camera, Apple’s camera performance has been the best in the smartphone industry for many years now. Once again, it has a lot to do with iOS’s software capabilities.

OnePlus 9 Series

The OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro both have 16 MP Sony IMX 471 sensors. The sensor comes with a one-micrometer pixel size. It supports optical image stabilization and has an f2.4 aperture size. All of these specifications mean one thing. Great pictures. One plus does a great job of capturing realistic images with the selfie camera. It leaves out the heavy post-processing that is now common with most other phones.

The phones from this brand have always been known for their affordability. Compared to the flagships from Apple and Samsung, they offer very good value for money. When the OnePlus brand was first launched, it was known as the “flagship killer.” It means even though they come at a lower price, their performance isn’t compromised. They can go head to head with other flagships in the market. The phone has the same powerful Snapdragon 888 processor present in the Samsung Z series. It also has up to 12 GB and up to 256 GB of internal storage.

Google Pixel 6 Series

If any phone can go head to head with Apple for its raw imaging capabilities, it is the Pixel. What is special about these phones is their computational imaging capabilities. Despite having weak camera hardware, the pictures look exceptional due to the image processing capabilities. It is most evident when it comes to its selfie camera.

As for the phone itself, the Pixel series are good devices and come with a very light operating system. The base version of this phone comes at a very low price point and has excellent after-sales support. These phones get Android upgrades the earliest and also have the longest operating system support.

There you go, a list of the best camera phones available in the market. If you own any of these, you are sure to grab attention with your pictures.