iGaming Stats 2018: Wonderful Stories When Computers Changed People’s Lives?

Nowadays, casinos have become one of the easiest ways to have fun and earn some money. However, in some countries such a kind of entertainment is illegal, in most countries worldwide, citizens constantly push their luck in gambling houses, and, you know, show an incredible success.

Can you believe that such a machine – an ordinal computer – can turn a person’s life upside down? In this article, we will talk about people who assign their fortune to a single visit to a casino.

 $1.5 Million Jackpot: Harold McDowell, 85, New Zeeland

On the 26th of December, nzherald.co.nz published a story about a man who had become a millionaire overnight. Harold McDowell, 85, is a retired man who came to a casino with his wife to celebrate the woman’s win over cancer. The day before, the couple was acknowledged that the disease retreated.

That night, the man simply decided to place a $7 bet on a Six-Card Bonus (Three Card Poker). When the dealer showed the cards, no one could believe that such a small bet gained the jackpot.

Of course, New York Post asked the man about ideas of how to spend the money, they told that the most part of the sum, they will give to children, but a bit of it they will spend on a missed dream – a cruise.

Christmas Eve $1 Million Jackpot: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

On the 25th of December when we all were home with relatives, a woman decided to push her luck at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas playing Wheel of Fortune.

That night, after 960 spins, the woman got her $1-million prize. As the casino has mentioned in their tweet, ‘Santa came early to her!’.

Vital Vegas.com has pointed up that it is really unusual for the casino to disclose the number of spins that lead to the jackpot. Even though the sum was not the highest slot jackpot, the Christmas girl will stick to their memory for long.

£36 Million Jackpot: Resorts World Manila (RWM), Philippines

On the 9th of August, a 31-year-old man became a multimillionaire simply killing time during a failed meeting.

That day was the third time that the man visits a gaming house. It had to be a business meeting, but his partner didn’t come. Thus, the man decided to kill some time, playing a Duo Fu Duo Cai machine, before leaving.

Being a guest at a casino, he had £2,000 slot credits. Not to lose them, he decided to play a bit, and fifteen minutes later, the man became a multimillionaire! Of course, the man was at a loss, and he even asked casino managers to have a look at the machine convincing them that it is broken.

Well, no one knows where the luck is waiting for them. These stories help us realize that nothing is impossible, there is no need to spend a fortune (you see, all these people kept their heads) to get a dreamt jackpot. Who knows, maybe one day, you will visit OnlineCasinoRealMoney.co.nz and snatch a large sum all of a sudden. Good luck!

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