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iLuv Aurora Illusion & Flightfit Gaudi iPhone 5/5s Cases Review

Final Thoughts
Most iPhone cases are the same and it really is hard to make a case that really is different, but after reviewing both of these cases they each have their own unique characteristics which set them apart from many typical iPhone cases. I would say the biggest one for both cases is that they glow in the dark! I mean how cool is it to be at a restaurant or out with friends and pull out your iPhone and it glows in the dark. That is definitely a conversation starter.

On top of that both cases have a pretty cool design on the back and something that stands out. I really like the sort of “3D” feel the FlightFit Gaudi has. Both cases also provide pretty good protection for your iPhone, although between the two the FlightFit Gaudi offers more protection. Both cases offer easy access to all of the buttons and connections on your iPhone. The cases are not overly large either, so it does not feel like you are carry a brick around in your pocket.

The only real bad thing I can say about these cases is the fact that they are white and they will get dirty over time, but that is expected from any white iPhone case.

We found the Aurora Illusion for $19.99 online and the FlightFit Gaudi for only $14.99. I actually expected the FlightFit Gaudi to be more expensive as it provides more protection. Overall ThinkComputers gives the iLuv Aurora Illusion & Flightfit Gaudi iPhone 5/5s Cases a 9 out of 10 score.

– Unique designs
– Glow in the dark!
– Easy installation
– Great price on the FlightFit Gaudi

– White color will get dirty over time
– Aurora Illusion price could be better

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