In Win 805 Case Review

Getting into installation it should be quite easy as the case is pretty open inside. The first thing I did was install my motherboard, which went it without any issues. If you are going to be installing anything larger than a Mini-ITX motherboard you will need to install the standoffs for that, but In Win includes a standoff tool. Also this case does not support I/O shields, sort of weird.

In Win 805 Case

The power supply easily slides into the bottom of the case. Remember you are going to want to mount it with the fan facing up.

In Win 805 Case

The hard drives are next. I am going with all solid state drives here so I will be installing them on the SSD mounts. One will go behind the motherboard and the other will be on top of the hard drive cage.




I am going with an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler. The fan bracket on the front of the case easily comes out so I can install the radiator. The bracket is also labeled so you can easily install the fans using the correct holes.


Once I had the radiator connected to the bracket I went ahead and put the entire bracket, radiator and all back inside the case. The I attached the CPU block on the motherboard.

In Win 805 Case

The last thing to install was our graphics card, which went in without any issues at all. Finally it is time to wire everything up. Here is what both sides of the case looked like before we put the panels back on.



And with the panels on…



When you power the system on the In Win logo on the side of the case will light up. If you are doing a build in this case we would suggest LED strips or LED fans to light up the inside of the case.

In Win 805 Case

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