In Win 805 Case Review

In Win is a company we’ve known for some really crazy PC case designs. They show off a special edition case every year at Computex and this year was no different. Many of their cases have features glass panels like the S-Frame or D-Frame, but these cases are not always what users are looking for and hold pretty high retail prices. There is where In Win comes in with the 805, a mid tower chassis that conforms to the typical “tower” case design, but is mostly made of glass. The front panel and both side panels are made of 3mm-thick tempered glass and the rest of the case is made of high-quality aluminum. All of this together makes for a very traditional, yet different looking case. This is also one of the first cases that we have seen that features a front-mounted USB 3.1 Type-C port. Let’s jump in and see what this case is all about!

Special thanks to In Win for providing us with the 805 to review.


The 805 comes in a pretty basic box from In Win. On the side it does let us know it is the 805.

In Win 805 Case

On the side of the case we have the same list of specifications that we listed above. It also lists some of the main features as well.

In Win 805 Case

Opening the box up the case itself is nicely protected with pieces of styrofoam on each corner to suspend the case in the center of the box. The case is also wrapped in a fabric bag to keep it from getting scratched.

In Win 805 Case

Inside the box In Win has actually included their iEar Headphone Hanger and you have your bag of goodies which includes mounting hardware, cable ties, cable hooks, a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, and the user’s guide.


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