In Win Reveals Their $799 S-Frame Case

Last year In Win blew us away with their Tou tempered glass case and it seems like they are back at it again with a new very unique case. At Computex In Win is showing off their next special Edition Case, the S-Frame.

In Win S-Frame

The S-Frame follows in the footsteps of In Win special edition cases like the D-Fram, H-Frame and Tao. It has a very unique design with the main part of the case being a large single piece of anodized aluminum. The piece of aluminum has been folded and cut to create the front panels, motherboard backplate and rear of the case.

In Win S-Frame

Both the right and left side panels are made of tempered glass and are held into place by 4 large red thumbscrews. I didn’t mention that the case has red accents throughout. The large clear side panels will definitely show off the hardware that you install inside of the case.

In Win S-Frame

Inside your motherboard will be mounted at a 90 degree angle, which means that your graphics cards will exhaust from the top of the case. This really is an open air case. Towards the bottom of the case there is room for three 120 mm cooling fans or even a 360 mm radiator.

In Win S-Frame

There are four red trays which will hold your storage drives. The power supply mount is hidden away in the back panel fold of the case. It really does look like there is a lot of room inside the case.

In Win S-Frame

So do you want to get your hands on an S-Frame? Well there are only going to be 500 made, and the case will set you back $799! It is expensive yes, but this case is truly a work of art!


Images courtesy of eTeknix.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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