Lian Li Shows Off Their Desk Cases at Computex 2014

In the weeks leading up to Computex we talked about Lian Li’s new desk cases and now they are here. At Computex this week Lian Li is showing the DK-01X, DK-02X and DK-Q1X cases. These cases are definitely unique, but will for sure put a dent in your wallet!

Lian Li DK-02X

Starting with the largest desk case the DK-02X, which can actually fit two systems inside. There is room for a mini-ITX system and a larger system that can fit up to an E-ATX motherboard. For storage you can fit up to 17 hard drives inside and a single slim ODD drive. On the larger system side you have 9 expansion slots, whereas on the smaller side you only have two. The top of the case is made of tempered glass so you can get a good look at your hardware inside.

Lian Li DK-02X

Next we have the DK-01X, which supports a single system. Just like its larger brother the DK-01X can support motherboards up to E-ATX, but it actually have 10 expansion slots. You have room for 10 hard drives and a single 5.25-inch ODD drive. There is support for up to 7 fans to keep your system nice and cool. Both cases have a drawer design so you can slide them out to install or upgrade your hardware.

Lian Li DK-01X

Last but not least is the DK-Q1X, which is a little different from the other two cases as it is smaller. It is about as tall as a coffee table and is designed for a high-end HTPC build or something similar. It would definitely look nice under say a wall-mounted TV. It also supports E-ATX motherboards and has 8 expansions slots. You have room for 5 hard drives, plus two 2.5-inch drives on the motherboard tray.

Lian Li DK-Q1X

The DK-01X and DK-02X will be available in the US at the end of July for the suggested retail prices of $989 and $1189 respectively. No word yet on the DK-Q1X.


Images courtesy of eTeknix.

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