In Win’s 307 Features A Customizable 144-pixel Display

While In Win turned some heads at Computex for their $5000 Z-Tower one of their more subtle cases was the 307. The case looks pretty much like any ordinary case, except for when you power it on. Once powered on the front of the case lights up with a light show from a 144-pixel (8 x 18 pixels) display. This display is made up of 1 cm² “pixels” which are diffused through a silicon sheet so they actually look like dots rather than squares.

inwin 307 1

The display on the front of the case connects to your motherboard via a USB 2.0 header. Then you use software to control what the display does. There are several animation presets and you can even visualize your PC’s audio output.

inwin 307 3

Besides that this is an ATX mid-tower that supports graphics cards up to 350 mm, CPU coolers as tall as 160 mm and a total of 6 hard drives (2x 3.5-inch, 4x 2.5-inch). There are detachable fan mounts in the case as well. You have three 120 mm towards the top inside the case and two bottom 120 mm intakes. It also looks like we have a tempered glass side panel with In Win’s easy locking system. Also all of the front panel connectivity as been over to the left side of the case.

inwin 307 2

No word on pricing or availability.

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