Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System Review

Testing & Usage
The fun thing about testing speakers is that to test them we get to listen to all different types of music and when testing PC speakers we also get to play a few games. Let’s start with music. I listened to a selection of tracks from different genres. Below are the test tracks we used. They are all MP3 files with 320 kbps.

Armin Van Buuren – Intense
Lil Wayne – Love Me
Colbie Caillat – Bubbly (Acoustic)
DragonForce – Through the fire and flames
M83 – Intro

These tracks give us a good idea of what many different types of music will sound like on the W601 Speaker System. Starting with the Intense track all of the electronic sounds are very well reproduced and this track does have some good bass as well and that was felt quite well. Next is the Lil Wayne track, if you know his music he has a pretty unique voice and the W601 speakers reproduced it perfectly. Also this sound has some loud bass and the dual subwoofer on the W601 really shines here. You can turn the bass up quite loud without any distortion. The Colbie Caillat track is an acoustic one and the guitar comes through the speakers beautifully. We had to include DragonForce in our testing, I mean who does not like DragonForce?!? On this epic track the vocals and sound great and the electric guitars sound awesome, no distortion either. Finally we have M83’s Intro track. This is a more relaxed track made up of vocals and some really melodic background music. With some cheaper speakers this track can become easily distorted, but all of the little sounds in this track came out great on the W601.

Now for gaming! I have the two satellites sitting on my desk on each side of my two monitors, so they are about 2-2.5 feet apart. I played a few different games with the W601 speakers and everything sounded great. I could hear where gunshots and explosions were coming from and again the bass sounded great and really made the action seem real.

The W601 has the ability to play music from SD cards and USB devices. I tested both an SD card and a USB flash drive loaded with music. As soon as you plug them in they start playing. They will play songs in alphabetical order. I did notice when trying to pause and then hit play again it would take a little while for the USB flash drive to respond. Also I was not able to play songs from my iPhone using the USB connection. There is a visual LED indicator for volume levels and all of the control buttons are very easy to use.

Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System

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