Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System Review

When it comes to getting speakers sadly many people just simply go to the store and pick up what they have there and do not do any research at all. Speakers allow you to take the headphones off and share the music you are listening to. Today we are taking a look at an interesting 2.2-channel speaker system from a new company called Alien Vibes. The Alien Vibes W601 features a large dual subwoofer, dual 15-watt satellites, wooden construction and a built in card reader and USB port that you can use to play music from different devices. Will the W601 impress? Read on to find out.

Special thanks to Alien Vibes for providing the W601 Speaker System to review.

Dynamic VFD Display – Colorful, vibrant display provides easy to read access and functions.
USB/SD Card/MP3 Player Input – Universal speaker system with card reader for a more diverse product. Simply insert an SD card to the card reader slot or USB flash drive to the USB Hub and play a wide variety of music.
Four Satellites – Total of four 3” + 1” 2-way satellites with 15W RMS x 2.
Bass, Treble and Volume Controls – On speaker controls provide instant access to controlling how you want to listen to media.
Input Connections – Connect up to two devices through RCA or AUX-In Line.
Power Bass – Dedicated subwoofer channel for deeper, more accurate bass.
High Gloss Piano Black Finish
Full Wood – Speakers enclosed with solid compressed wood enhance and amplify overall sound quality, with audio correctly flowing through the sound duct.
Wireless Remote Control – Control tracks, volume and sound quality with the push of a button.

The W601 Speaker System comes in a nice retail box. On the front of the box there is a photo of the unit and it lists some of the main features. The back goes into more information about the speakers.

Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System

On each side of the retail box there is even more information about the speakers.

Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System

Opening the box up and getting everything out there are two satellite speakers, the dual subwoofer, audio cable, remote and user’s guide.

Ineo Alien Vibes W601 Speaker System

For a full unboxing and overview of the W601 Speaker System check out our video below.

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