Innovative Mobile Apps Made By Women Developers

Apart from your online casino mobile gaming your phone can come in handy in a lot of aspects. Therefore, there are a lot of mobile apps including online casino and banking apps that you can make use of to help you out in your day to day activities.

The best is that women are now taking part in these life changing technological advancements. And we are going to be giving you some of the life changing apps that have been made by women for your convenience.


Initially, this app was made for the women in the LGBT community. But, it has since been changed to also cater for straight people. Download it and use the Robyn Exton method of finding love on social media. You can also use tips on finding where you are going wrong on your quest of finding love.


Currently, there are a lot of children using mobile phones for gaming during their free time. But, this app will give them a fun way of learning scientific aspects.  And, the best part is that the app is coming from veteran gaming developer, Jane Ji. Additionally, it comes highly recommended by parents who have tried the app on their kids. For other gaming apps, visit on your internet browser.


Depression and anxiety are heavily affecting the world these days. And, this mobile app has been made by Tru Luv to give patients the help they need. Selfcare will help its users relax and meditate by giving them different tasks to complete. Additionally, it comes highly recommended by Apple and the inventor has worked with one of the best software developers, UbiSoft therefore you will be guaranteed of a good quality user experience.

Access Now

This innovative app has been made for the disabled by Maayan Ziv who has been disabled most of her life on the wheelchair. The application is very helpful especially when it comes to those people using the wheelchair. Access now will help them know the places that are easily accessible and wheelchair friendly.