Intel 10th Gen “Comet Lake-S” GPU-less “F” Chips Detailed

Intel introduced the “F” series of processors with their 9th generation Core processors. These chips allowed Intel to maximize their yields and increase competitiveness of their processors. The “F” series processors lack integrated graphics. Disabling integrated graphics allows Intel to salvage dies in which the iGPU component did not clear validation. Typically Intel prices these “F” chips slightly lower, which makes them more competitive.

intel f series

A new leaked slide (above) posted to the web by InformaticaCero shows that Intel will be working on three “F” and three “KF” series processors. These include the 10-core/20-thread i9-10900KF and i9-10900F; the 8-core/16-thread i7-10700KF and i7-10700F; and the 6-core/12-thread i5-10600KF and i5-10600F. The clock speeds are same as their non-F counterparts. Granted that these are sold at slightly lower prices they could be very competitive against AMD’s Ryzen processors. Many enthusiasts and gamers do not even use the iGPU on their processor.

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